What the Bleep do I know?!


Do you ever arrive at your destination in the blink of an eye, unsure how you managed to get from here to there? Do you look up and notice most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and wonder what happened to Autumn? Do you go about your weekly routine, deep in thought, oblivious to your surroundings? 

This past week I was watering my Christmas Cactus plant and I noticed that a flower had already bloomed and dropped to the table.  Darn!  I had missed it! 


My very sparse plant has only a few buds that bloom once a year.  I was now determined to check on these buds.  I wanted to enjoy these rare beautiful flowers.


 As I would stop by my plant each day, I started to wonder, why is my Christmas Cactus still alive at all? I inherited this plant when it had only a few leaves, most of them brown.  That was over 40 years ago. 

 All I do is give it water.

I can’t help but think about the documentary “What the Bleep do we know?!”

This movie discussed the concept of thoughts and energy specifically related to water. Although I watched this movie many years ago, I still remember how it gave me goosebumps and made me think differently.

One scene in the movie described an experiment questioning whether the molecular structure of water can change depending on mental stimulation.   Positive thoughts versus negative intentions were directed at the water.  Did the cellular structure of the water change?  Yes, according to these scientists.  


The experiments in this movie have been criticized and considered pseudoscience containing only grains of truth.  I still think it is a good movie. Sometimes questions are more important than answers. It opened my eyes to a unique perspective.

There are likely many reasons my plant is still alive today.  Of course, water is one of them. 

Do my thoughts and intentions affect the water and ultimately my plants?  Do my thoughts affect the water within my body.  What are the resulting implications for our planet?  “Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”

I think many of us can agree that positive and negative energy does affect all of us. 

 What the bleep do I know?!

I do know that I want to navigate through my life more keenly aware of my surroundings, paying attention.  I want to enjoy the Autumn leaves before they fall on the ground.  I want to watch the flowers bloom on my Christmas Cactus plant. 

 I want to be fully present for the beautiful fleeting moments in my life. 



18 thoughts on “What the Bleep do I know?!

    1. Thank you, Donna. I really don’t know anything about plants…..trimming, clipping, pruning?…..embarrassing when I live on the beautiful West Coast. I just water my indoor plants. Amazed they are still alive🙂


    1. Hi Friend, again, just reread your comment and realized I read nourish versus nurture……similar although not the same……you (always) make me think……in a good way😘


  1. My husband is a scientist and I’m constantly hearing his comments about the poor scientific methods used to reach many conclusions. I prefer to think that there are enough mysteries and things that we simply can’t even imagine that it’s best to keep an open mind.

    The one thing I can’t deny is that I have a brown thumb and plants have no chance under my care.

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    1. Hi Joanne, I agree with you on keeping an open mind. I don’t know whether you saw the “What the bleep” documentary……definitely take with a grain of salt info, although, it did make me think. I always enjoy your posts and I noticed you embed (place your name) on your photos. I always use my own photos (I took about 200 of my Christmas Cactus this week to capture the different stages of bud/bloom). Should I be placing my name on the photos? I am still learning (as always:). Thanks for sharing.


      1. When I first started blogging, I noticed that many bloggers – especially photographers – put a watermark on their photos to identify ownership.
        I read many stories by people who said that their photos had been pulled off the internet and used without their permission.

        At first I wasn’t particularly concerned about it – I didn’t think my photos were very good anyway. As I got more experience, I changed my mind and started adding a watermark on my photos.
        I don’t know how you ever go about identifying that one of your photos was ‘stolen’ (ie used without acknowledging you) or what you can really do about it, but I figured a watermark would act as a deterrent by simply make it more work for someone else to photoshop it out.

        Some people – like me – use their name. Others use their blog name.


        1. You are really kind, Joanne, getting back to me, especially during this busy time of year. Your site is really nice to read, pulls me in, and I can appreciate that you likely take many photos before deciding which ones to post. I have seen the watermark on many sites, although I hadn’t given it much thought until recently. I know that I am finding my individual voice when writing and I will continue to tweak my site. You are a great example Joanne.


          1. Now you are being very kind 🙂

            You will find that the blogging community is very helpful with each other and a great resource if you can’t figure something out.
            This virtual space is a great place to be 🙂

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    1. Hi Marty, Actual name of the movie is “What the Bleep do we know”. Marlee Matlin is a star in it. I watched it at least 10 years ago (twice). It’s a compelling documentary/movie. Thanks re the cactus. I was showing my husband the 200 + photos I took last week of that one bud blooming. I don’t think he was quite as excited about this as I was. Erica

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  2. I do not have a green thumb. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I love indoor plants for their greenery, but also for their air purifying qualities. Luckily, my husband happily keeps them alive for me! I think positive thoughts affect all things, probably ourselves most of all. I wish you much success on staying full present enough to enjoy all the little fleeting beauties (and the ones that stick around longer as well. 😉 )

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