The Rat Came Back The Very Next Day

Sara feeding Marley baby formula

          Will Sara throw him back outside?

          Likely a certain death for this little rodent.

Adopting A Pet Mouse

My daughter, Sara, has one dog and three cats.  

The number of pets in her home can vary on a daily basis.

Sara's fur family

Two months ago, one of Sara’s cats carried a newborn, nearly dead mouse into the house.

Sara nursed it back to health with baby formula.


Sara feeding Marley baby formula


She bought a cage for this mouse.

Marley in his cage

As the mouse began to rapidly grow and thrive, it became apparent 

                    this mouse is actually a rat.


Sara names her pet rat, “Marley.”

Marley the Rat

Marley Goes AWOL

The 1st Time – June 23rd

Sara:  OMG! I am flipping out right now!  Thursday morning, we went camping. We came home on Sunday. Upon our return we noticed Marley was gone.  He had chewed through a spot in the cage we had taped due to a missing piece.

I searched the house because we have cats, hoping I wouldn’t find him mauled to death.  I didn’t, but our deck door was open so we figured he had escaped and found a nice rat wife.

Later in the evening,  I am sitting on my couch and I notice something moving in his cage. I had left the cage door open, “just in case.”

It is Marley!  He came home!  I am SO HAPPY!

Marley thriving and growing

The 2nd Time – June 24th

Sara:   After Marley’s return yesterday, I put him in his ball to run around the house.  When I went to pick the ball up, the lid fell off and Marley darted away.

What are the chances he would return a second time?

This morning, I decide to check his cage and there he is.  

Marley came home, again!


The 3rd Time – June 25th 

Sara:  I placed Marley in the bathroom to run around freely with the door closed.  Thirty minutes later I returned to find the door open.  I think our two-year-old son, Charlie, had opened the door and Marley had escaped.

Two-year-old Charlie

Sara:  What are the chances Marley will come back a third time?

I got up to pee in the middle of the night and there he was on the bathroom ledge. 

Marley crawled straight into my hand and then back into his cage. 

Marley’s Rat Palace

Sara decides Marley deserves an upgrade to his living accommodations.


“He deserves a Rat Palace for coming back three times!  The base and shelf will be covered in a washable membrane.”

I am in awe of the words coming from my daughter.  I do not recall seeing a glimpse of Sara’s bedroom floor during all of her teen years.

I would never have guessed a fancy home was in her future.  

Even a Rat Palace. 


To be continued…………………..


Stay tuned for: The Rat Came Back The Very Next Day – Part 2

You will find out:

  • How Marley Gets A Roommate
  • Progress is being made on Marley’s Rat Palace
  • Are Rats Smarter Than People?
  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Have you ever unexpectedly adopted a pet?  What type of an animal?


Me with my daughter, Sara


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I have taken Sara’s words throughout this story from her text messages.  The photos are also from Sara’s messages.