Does Every Two-Year-Old Put Something Up Their Nose?

Version 2
The Magic of Childhood


Road trips with a two-year-old and a four-year-old can be a lot of fun.

Most of the time.


Version 2


What do you do when the two-year-old starts crying and we decipher through the sobs,

                       “A Tic Tac is in my nose!

The car is in motion on a busy Vancouver highway.

I abruptly swing around in my seat.

“Are you kidding me?!  Are you sure you have a Tic Tac in your nose?!”

I see something up her nose.

I calmly shout blow your nose!”

Flashes of first aid courses run through my mind.  I try to remember all I have learned about head anatomy and the sinus cavity.

I am thankful my daughter, their Mother, sent me a text this morning containing a copy of their Medical Care Cards.  

                        Where is the nearest hospital?


Version 2
Do not play with knives!


Papa Chuck screeches to a halt at the side of the road.  I jump out of the car and attempt

                       Tic Tac Rescue Mission!

I cannot even see the Tic Tac now.  A bulge is visible high up on her nose.  I apply pressure to one nostril amidst the two-year-old’s advanced cries.  I tell her to blow her nose.  No success.

Again, blow your nose!”

A Tic Tac with much mucous flies three feet out of her nose.

The wide-eyed two-year-old stops crying.

I return to my seat and we resume our road trip.

Along with a five minute lecture on

                      “Never put a Tic Tac up your nose!”


It could have been worse!  It could have been a Nerd!


Double Trouble!


Our friends had to take their daughter to the hospital to remove a  “Nerd” from her nose.

The first thought that may come to mind is the computer coding, highly intelligent, mathematical whiz.

                      Not this child, on this day.

This little girl had somehow managed to put a popular candy of the 1980’s up her nose.

Her parents reluctantly sped to the hospital.  After a few embarrassing looks, they managed to explain the problem to the emergency team.

                      The Nerd was expertly removed.

The hospital staff has likely seen worse.

Version 2
She looks soooo Sweet and Innocent

Not every child will put something up their nose. 

Two-year-olds have a reputation for testing our patience and creating anxious moments. 

They can also make us laugh.  Especially when the Tic Tac or the Nerd is safely removed.

An embarrassing story may unexpectedly surface one day.

                        Possibly at their Graduation, their Wedding or even on a Blog.  


Have you had any scary moments with a toddler?  

Version 2
A Reason to Smile


Deleting a Blog Post? – One Year Later

 “Tic Tac Rescue Mission”   was the original title of the above story.   It was unedited, written directly on the WordPress site and I immediately hit “publish.”

                   I won’t do that again.

I was tempted to delete my first few blog posts. 

They were practice pages to see whether this WordPress thing works.

             Will the post even show up in cyberspace?

I consider August, 2019 as my official One Year Blogiversary.  

I have found a fun, challenging, creative outlet.  I have met many inspirational people in this supportive community.

The initial practice pages remind me how much I have learned this first year of blogging.

          I am glad I did not delete my first blog posts. 

Have you gone back and deleted any of your Blog Posts? 




114 thoughts on “Does Every Two-Year-Old Put Something Up Their Nose?

    1. Hi Kate, Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I checked over my post and I realize I had not pressed “send” on my reply to you, yesterday:) I always find your posts, witty, entertaining and I appreciate you sharing some of the challenges we all face. I am glad we were able to connect, Kate. I look forward to reading more:)

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    1. Hi Janis, I seriously debated on deleting the initial posts. The very first practice post is a picture of a Puffin. The Puffin still makes me smile (hmmm….possible future story about our one Puffin in Iceland). Thank you about our granddaughter. I also think she is adorable, “most” of the time:) I, too, am very glad we met in the virtual world and especially in real life!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your granddaughter is adorable, Erica! Your photographs are amazing…better than any professional shots I’ve seen. The first shot is stunning! I loved this post. You need to write a children’s book! No…all of my posts are still there…typos and all!

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    1. Thank you, Jill, for your kind, supportive comment. It means a great deal to me coming from you:) I take 100’s (okay, 1000’s) of photos and children often make good subjects. Except, when they are in constant motion:)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience on deleting posts. I did not even consider the option of editing a post until Donna (Retirement Reflections) inserted a new link into a published post. We communicated on how easy and doable WP is for this.

      Nice to connect with you, Jill in this first year. 🙂 I look forward to more sharing and reading!

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  2. After I’d blogged here for about three years I went back and deleted about 20% of what I’d written. My focus had changed and the deleted posts seemed like deadweight on my muse. On a different note, your granddaughter is a hoot, so cute, too.

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  3. Nodding my head all the way through this post. Our experience was which a 3 year-old granddaughter and a broken purple bead with very jagged edges. Lucia was sneezing all weekend. Allergies? A cold? On Monday morning as I dressed her for daycare and helped her with breakfast, more sneezing. Should she even go to daycare? No fever. No other signs of illness. In the car seat she went. More sneezing amidst the chorus of “Let it Go” from Frozen. Got to school, took her jacket off, gave her a huggie and she had one more tremendous sneeze that expelled said bead from her nose.

    At first, I thought it was a thick (bruised?) plug of mucus. I fumbled around the classroom looking for Kleenex to no avail. Decided to just pluck the plug of mucus dangling from her nostril with my hands. Grandmothers do that. There’s soap.

    So glad I touched it because I discovered it was a broken bead. Snapped a photo to send to my daughter. Everyone got very concerned very quickly. Daughter forwarded photo to her husband, an anesthesiologist. Who forwarded it across the border to his father an ENT in Mexico. This was fast becoming an international incident.

    ENT grandfather said take her to emergency…where’s the other end of the broken bead? Up her nose? Traveling at the speed of light down into her lungs. Or worse, preparing to lodge in her brain?

    After doctor examinations, his fishing trips up Lucia’s nose with tweezers, and multiple images of her head, no second half of the bead could be located.

    Poor baby girl. Poor mom and dad. Poor grandparents. All very thankful for a happy ending. For weeks to come, Cia had to endure much discussion from all of us about putting things up her nose.

    I have been blogging for 4 years, I think. I do not like to revisit my very old blog post because they are rather primitive, at best!!! But they tell a story and are part of my evolution. So I have left them. And I don’t know how to delete them anyway!!

    LOVED this post. The photos. Your storytelling. So glad to have this crazy shared experience with you.

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    1. I should not smile, Leslie, although your description of sneezing and the song “let it go” is funny. Good grief on the bead! I get it, on the Grandmothers do that.

      OMgoodness! Quite the story! All of the scary possibilities. Very happy about the ending!

      Thank you for your very kind, supportive comment, Leslie! It is a privilege meeting you and other supportive, inspirational bloggers. You keep me immersed and evolving in this new culture. And most of all, I am having fun! I look forward to sharing this “crazy” experience with you!

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  4. Beautiful photos of your granddaughters and what a story, Erica! One of my nieces or nephews had a similar incident putting something small in their nose and their parents discovered it after the kid fell asleep! I saw toddlers attempted to put their little fingers in electrical outlets or tried to pry the child-proof covers. They are determined explorers 🙂 Happy blogiversary! I’m glad to connect with you via blogging. Hope to meet you IRL one day. I’ve thought about deleting some of my older posts on my Blogger blog but haven’t done it yet.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Natalie. Never boring around here with the grandchildren. They do challenge us at times. I am also glad I connected with you Natalie. Your posts are always inspirational, educational and visually beautiful.🙂


  5. Two year olds? Hah!! I did that just the other day….no, not really. 🙂
    I think that most families have a similar story, the only difference being the ages of the children. My brother Tom did something similar when he was about 4 years old. He walked into the living room and proudly announced in his excited four year old voice “Look, I’ve got snot in my nose!!”
    Everyone laughed, from my grandparents to my sister who was 3 at the time. After much laughter and joking, my Mother proclaimed that it was time to remove the offending glass bead. Now, comes the other side of the comedic coin as despite our futile attempts, that darned bead nestled further and further UP into his nose!! In retrospect, it seems quite apparent that no one realized that our fingers were just not going to fit inside his nostril without pushing that darned bead up; brain cramp moment!!
    After much consternation and threats to just cut his nose off, remove that darned bead and maybe sew his nose back on, Tom blew mightily again and again. On the third or fourth try, that darned bead flew across the room and scared the cat who promptly jumped onto the mantel knocking everything off in the process of running away from that darned bead!! One of the framed photographs then fell off, knocking the Christmas tree over which blew the electric power cord and started a fire. Sadly, our house burned down but we were able to save that darned bead!! This, is the story of how we became homeless……NOT!!! Everything is true until the cat jumping up part, I just felt the need to fib just a teensy bit, me bad.
    You were absolutely correct in one thing, many things really, these events, especially when they resolve in a positive way, can become fodder for many embarrassing moments as they grow into their teen years and beyond!!
    Great little post, Erica!! It brought back many memories. Ah, ah…aaaccchhhooooooo!!!!

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    1. Hi Mon, Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Very scary on the glass bead, for everyone! I can just see how your family would threaten to cut his nose off. Your embellished story is funny, except for the homeless part.

      I am loving all of your photos of your adventure, especially the canyons! I don’t know whether you are back home, yet? I think I have mentioned to you, and I see some of your friends mention Instagram for sharing your photos. Only if it adds fun to your life. You are always very creative.🙂

      Thank you for sharing your entertaining story. Like you say, Mon, funny when it has a positive ending.🙂


  6. What a scary story! I remember my daughter must be in Kindergarten when she happened to get an eraser in her nose and she said she was just smelling it…yes, it was a fragrant eraser. It came out with a sneeze.
    One of my grandchildren threw soft toys in the pot and flushed them! Children like to explore, they can’t think of the consequences! I have many such stories!
    I have deleted a few of my posts, as they were too short and lame 🙂
    Thanks for sharing those lovely pics of your grandchild, she is adorable.

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    1. Funny and scary about your daughter, Balroop. Especially since your story had a happy ending. I can (almost) appreciate her reasoning on the eraser.

      I cannot imagine any of your posts being lame, Balroop:)

      Thank you for your kind comment. Our grandchild is adorable “most” of the time.🙂


  7. Ha Ha! Kids will put anything and everything up their noses! And in their ears! My husband now retired as an ENT specialist has seen it all, and removed the item which the kids got to keep in a special jar. I can only imagine your scary moments! Isn’t she a treasure!

    So far, I haven’t deleted any blog posts but now that you mention it …

    Happy Blogoversary Erica!

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    1. Hi Susan, I am sure your husband has many stories he could share, or want to forget. Keeping these items in a special jar makes me feel a bit squeamish:) I am sure all of your posts contain gems, Susan. Worth holding onto them.

      Thank you for your constant support and sharing your thoughts and wisdom🙂

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  8. Yes, every two year old either puts something in her nose, or ear, or mouth. When my granddaughter Riley was young (less than two), she picked something up on our kitchen floor and started choking. I think we called 911 and a policeman (whom my daughter knew) came flying through the front door without knocking. I was so grateful! We think it was either a piece of dog food or a green onion – we never did find out. We took her to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. It was. Shortly after that, I was driving with my daughter and Riley in her car seat, and Riley started choking in the back seat. I pulled the car over super fast, and rushed into the back seat. She had gotten a little snippet of a grocery plastic bag that had come loose and put it in her mouth. Needless to say, I was a wreck!

    Then there was the time that Riley’s little toddler brother was crawling around the kitchen and I caught him with a screw in his mouth that I guess he found on the floor. I was babysitting in the morning before going to work and that was not how I had expected to start my day!

    Anyway, all of these events have given me heart attacks – it’s a wonder I’m still standing!

    Oh and I could go on and talk about how my daughter Meghan (when she was 2) started having fainting spells when she cried too hard. One time she cried so hard she fell back in her highchair and as I lifted her out, she was limp in my arms. I called 911. Everything turned out okay but I was a mess. When she had another crying jag and passed out, falling backwards, my Mother-in-law told me next time that happens splash cold water in her face. That will stop that in its tracks! It was actually good advice and I took it, and voila, no more holding breath and fainting.

    How do we get through all this in one piece? I won’t even talk about 2 year old Riley being mauled by a dog at day care and having to go through two face repair operations in one week! God bless that little child. And God Bless parents and grandparents.

    And God Bless you for being a great Mom and Grandmother. Thanks for a great post!

    Susan Grace

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    1. Very, very scary on the choking, Susan! I am glad that all turned out okay. I am a wreck just reading about it. Now that you mention, there are more incidents that I have blocked or I am leaving in my subconscious. We have our little 1 1/2 year old, Charlie. The older girls know to keep a watchful eye on their Polly pocket size toys and other small items. Not for the weak of heart!

      Funny and not about the fainting and splashing water in your daughter’s face. Whatever works.

      OMgoodness, Susan! Very serious about being mauled by a dog. Thank you for sharing. Back at you, Susan, as a great Mother and Grandmother!💕

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  9. Fortunately no tic-tacs up the nose but my son did get one of his sister’s teeth stuck in his forehead when they bumped into each other playing in the hallway that required an urgent care visit. I have deleted some old blog posts but they were ones that were getting spam comments on them so I figured if I got rid of the post I’d get rid of the spammers. Very cute pictures of the kids.

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    1. OMgoodness, Janet! Children come up with ways to age us quickly. I trust all healed quickly with your children. I have only encountered a few spam comments. I don’t know whether you can prevent them 100% of the time. Thank you for your kind comment on the pictures:)

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  10. Hi Erica! Firstly, your grandchildren are just adorable and I’m sure spending time with them brings you much joy (despite a tic tac up a nose). My son, put a pearl up his nose at around the same age. I had a broken pearl necklace and somehow he managed to get one stuck. Being a young mother I panicked. No amount of blowing his nose would shift it. A quick visit to the doctor solved the problem and I think I was more worried than my son was. Belated happy blogging anniversary and I’m sure we all look back at our first attempts at writing with a mix of feeling proud that we actually started but perhaps some cringing because our writing was so new. I know I look back on some of my earlier posts and wondered why anyone read them. Have a beautiful week and enjoy your grandchildren. xx

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    1. Hi Sue, I think a young Mother, old Mother, Grandmothers age a little faster when toddlers put us through some scary moments. I am glad the pearl was removed quickly. Yes, I do cringe on some of my early posts. I am embarrassed how I did not even know about toggling on a comment switch (not likely any comments, anyways). Thank you for always being very genuine, inspirational, and supportive, Sue. It makes a big difference in my day (even when you are a day ahead:) Have a great week. xx

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  11. Hi, Erica – I love this story. I believe that it is one of the first posts that I read on your blog. I’m glad that you did not delete the original. I absolutely adore the updated photos and wholeheartedly agree with your other readers — your grandaughters are gorgeous!
    You did get me thinking about deleting early posts. So far, I haven’t removed any posts or photos on my blog. I may need to begin deleting old photos soon — I am seriously running out of WP space!

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    1. Hi Donna, Susan (S.G.) and I were just talking about you on her blog site. Especially how you bring out the best in people who have the privilege of meeting you. 💕

      Back to my blog lol. Thank you for your lovely comment. I seriously debated deleting the first few stories. Then when you added a link to your last published post, I started to think about why I wanted to save my first post. I could tweak it, update a few photos and now it is my one year Blogiversary post.🙂

      I think if you delete photos in your media file, the photos are also deleted from your published posts? You have a lot of great content, Donna. I am not sure how many GB are available on the different WP levels?

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      1. Hi, Erica – I thought that my ears were burning (or should that be my eyes?)! Thank you, and Susan, for your kind words.
        My WordPress Plan (the one that takes away ads, takes ‘WordPress’ out of your URL, and gives you a bit more storage space) is set at 6,144 MB. So far, I have used 4,624.31 (75%). Yes, when you delete photos from your media file they are also deleted from your posts. But I think that I will be able to do that for old posts without losing too much. Sometimes, I was simply a little photo happy!
        I’m glad that you did not delete your post. I especially love that one!

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        1. Hi Donna, I am at about 20% after one year. Some bloggers use mostly photos for their posts. I will investigate further in the future. Hugh’s post this morning readdressed Gutenberg. Egad. I will likely have to set aside tutorial times this year. Thank you for your encouraging words and constant support. xo

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          1. Thanks, Erica – I am still keeping my head in the sand on Guttenberg for now. I just switched to a brand new phone system (Samsung from iPhone) and a brand new computer operating system (Catalina from Yosemite). I can’t take on any new learning….at least not until after the holidays when my computer-savy children are here to help! 😀

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            1. You have amazing results with your new phone, Donna! I just checked my computer OS. Right now, High Sierra. Next tier is Mojave and you have newest OS Catalina. You have enough on your plate right now, Donna, plus the courses you are taking. Exciting to have your family with you over the holidays. Egad. Holidays! lol🙂

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            2. Hi, Erica – If you are remotely interested, I highly recommend switching to Catalina. It’s easy to do. I wish that I had done this long ago!
              BTW – I just checked my WP spam folder — 78 spam messages and three of them from bloggers I know and regularly follow. It was a good reminder that I need to do this more carefully and more often!

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            3. I will check the next two operating systems. Interesting about the spam. It is a rare occurrence, so far, for me. I let the blogger know about this. Same with junk in email. Thank you for sharing the information, Donna.

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  12. Your pictures and granddaughters are beautiful and adorable, Erica!
    Nope, I’ve never gone back and deleted a blog post once published. They are all part of my journey and evolution, warts and all!
    Congratulations on your blogoversary! Many more years to come, I hope.


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    1. Thanks, Deb. The granddaughters are adorable “most” of the time. I like your phrase, “warts and all.” I am enjoying this wave of fun, challenge and creativity. And look at the great people I meet!!! Thanks for your support and encouragement, Deb.🙂

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  13. This story made me laugh & reminded me of the time Sarah put a dried cannellini bean up her nose at daycare. I reckon she would have been about the same age. I haven’t deleted any blog posts – I think it’s all part of finding your own voice & while reading some of them makes me wonder why I ever thought anyone would be interested in that drivel, it is an important part of my writing journey.

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    1. I am sure the bean in her nose is not a phone call you wanted to receive. Unless the daycare managed to quickly resolve this issue. Your writing and stories are always engaging, interesting and entertaining. As you know, Joanne, we are often our worst critic. Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you!🙂

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  14. 🤣 I’ve taken a watermelon pit out of a small ear. It was in long enough to look like it was germinating ( I was assured it wasn’t) . It is part of exploring one’s body. Good job in getting the tic tac out by yourself.

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    1. OMgoodness, Antoinette, “germinating.” I thought this is something adults say to children to keep them from swallowing the seeds. The tic tac story is funny, now, with a positive ending. Thank you for sharing your story.


  15. Oh, man, toddlers have such a sense of adventure and creative pursuits. I’m sure the tic tac smelled like it should go in her nose? LOL. My kids didn’t stick things in their noses that I remember? Probably because I lectured them about the horror of when I did so as a young child. My cousin told me to smell the pussy willow up really close-like and one of the puffs went right into my nose. The rest of the ordeal is a blur to me. Congrats on reusing and saving your first blog posts. I do that occasionally too. It’s fun to see what I wrote back in the beginning and how I’ve grown. Your post is a fun way to do that, thank you for sharing! PS – your grandkids are so CUTE!!!

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    1. A few people have now brought up the smell of the tic tac. You are right. Likely why it ended up in the nose. 🙂 Good grief on the pussy willow! An ordeal with a happy ending. You turned our great, Shelley:) Thank you for sharing your story and your kind comment on the grandchildren. Never a boring moment around here:)

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      1. Kids and their noses – always on some kind of adventure! You’re welcome – I enjoy reading of your adventures with them. I’m not at that stage yet. I’m just soaking up tips from those who have gone before me!

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  16. I’m pleased you didn’t delete your first blog posts, Erica. I really enjoyed this one. Indeed, I laughed when I read the title. I was one of those toddlers who put something up their nose, although I must have been a late developer as I think I was three. I think it was a small wad of newspaper that required medical assistance to remove. My husband (who I didn’t know at the time 🤣) did something similar with a pea when he was three. How scary that episode in the car would have been for you all. It’s bad enough when it’s your own children, but your children’s children is even worse. And I guess if the TicTac was peppermint, it would have burnt her little nostril too. I’m pleased the episode blew over without too much trauma. 🙂
    P.S. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I’m pleased to have met up with you in the blogiverse.

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    1. Hi Norah, Anything that require medical assistant is not a pleasant visit. I am glad for the happy ending. You are absolutely right, Norah! Scarier with our children’s children. Funny on the “blew over.” I am happy our blogs connected, Norah. 🙂 You have such interesting and inspirational content. Thank you for sharing the good on our planet:)

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      1. I’m pleased you appreciated my use of the phrase ‘blew over’, Erica. I wasn’t sure if it might be too subtle. I am also thankful for the connection. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

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  17. I’m glad you did not delete this one, Erica. I enjoyed reading it. My daughter put a dry kidney bean up her nose. We were able to get it out with the same technique you described. It was scary for a moment, though. I have not deleted any of my posts. I did go tidy up a few with key words and such, but I didn’t change any content. I figure they are a roadmap of where I’ve been on this journey.

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    1. Hi Christie, I was sharing with my husband last night, how almost everyone has had a something up their nose incident. This is definitely a situation where I just reacted quickly and we were lucky. I like your words “roadmap” and “journey.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Christie. I am glad I met you on this journey🙂


    1. I think I was still shaking that afternoon when I wrote down this story, Sam. Possibly, why the entire initial post is in bold letters. Thank you for reading, Sam, and sharing your lovely comment.🙂

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    1. I think I just acted by gut instinct and reflexively. As Mothers (and Grandmothers) we all have had a few of these types of incidents. Funny story when it has a happy ending. 🙂 You have such beautiful posts, with gorgeous photos, Deborah. They brighten my day! Thank you for sharing them.

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    1. Your posts are a beautiful and interesting way to record your life, Anabel. I have learned more about your part of the world this past year, than I knew in all of my sixty years. Thank you!


      1. And when I started they were all about trips to North America! I wrote a post almost every night while we were actually travelling (madness!) then there would be silence for weeks, if not months. It never occurred to me to write for anyone but myself and my family. Now I feel like a sort of (very) minor ambassador for Scotland.

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  18. Cute story, Erica. Never Put a Nerd up Your Nose could also be a great title for a book. 😉

    I’ve deleted quite a few blog posts, yes (mostly about divorce and alimony issues). I’ve also made a few private, which is tricky on WordPress because if you want to make them public again, they are re-published as a new post. One of them I’d like to convert back to public, but I haven’t because I don’t want it to be seen as a new post. So I’m waiting for them to fix that little bug. I may be waiting a long time! – Marty

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    1. I extra like your title, Marty! Now, why did I not think of that? I may need to repost and tweak the story for the third time. Not!

      I figured after one year I could experiment a bit. Although, every story is an experiment.

      Interesting how you are not able to just toggle a switch on or off to make a post public.

      Nice to have met you and your blog this year, Marty. 🙂You have greatly helped me ease into Cyberspace: the final frontier….to boldly go where no one has gone before……..oops, that is Star Trek.🙂 Actually, hundreds of thousands of people go here every day.

      What are the chances? Thank you!

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  19. Glad it all worked out ok with the Tic Tac and yes a Nerd would have been worse but trust me, as a nurse, I know far worse has shown up in the ER!!

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  20. Oh im so sorry I was giggling while reading this post. Your granddaughter is gorgeous xx…In past years I have heard of marbles coins etc up the nose. Thank goodness my darling two girls didn’t put anything up their noses.
    I have gone back on previous posts and tidied them up. Oh 3 years ago I was so naive. Happy anniversary on your blog xx Loving the midlife share…so many blogs would go unnoticed. #mlstl

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  21. That made me smile Erica – and I think the whole thing is scarier when it’s a grandchild because you feel hyper responsible when they’re in your care don’t you? Our little grandgirls have (fortunately) never done anything like this and neither did my kids. My brother put a honeysmack (cereal) up his nose when we were at the drive-in theatre when we were kids – my mum fished it out with a bobby pin (the ingenuity of the good old days!)
    I’m also grateful to say that my kids and grandgirls haven’t tried cutting their own hair either – I’ve seen some shocking pics and videos of little kids who took to their hair with a pair of scissors (my DIL would have a heart attack if her girls did that!)
    And I’m glad you salvaged an old post – I used to do a Wind Back Wednesday series where I refurbished my earlier posts – left the originals and just freshened them up once I had people actually reading my blog! So glad to be part of your community and you’re doing amazingly well for only one year of blogging! xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Hi Leanne, You are right on how it is scarier with a grandchildren. We have a sort of joke in our family, how the parents and my husband make a note of the scratches and bruises when the children first arrive. Like, renting a car. Good grief on the bobby pin and the cereal. I guess whatever quickly works. Thank you for your encouraging words and your constant support, Leanne. It all really makes a difference when navigating this new world. xx 🙂


  22. Neither of mine stuck things up their noses thankfully, though it seemed car trips were a time they seemed to come down with various ailments. Once on a nine hour trip, we managed just 10 minutes down the road before one complained her skin was itchy. Of course, we ignored it but an hour later her arms were red, we stopped for creams, then later anti-histamines, and hours later I was in the back holding her arms so she couldn’t scratch the welts. Eight loooong hours later, we ended up at the hospital with a child covered in welts from an allergic reaction to a tiny nail infection. Fun times!!

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    1. Nice to meet you, Christine. 🙂 I left you a note on your “About” page on your blog site. Scary story on the welts. I don’t want to overreact as a Mother and a Grandmother. Although, allergic reactions can become very serious. Thank you for reading and sharing your story:) Erica


  23. A very humorous post, but I’m sure the incident at the time was not so humorous. I was a preschool teacher for many years and though I don’t remember a child ever putting something up their nose, I remember a little girl going around the room with some scissors and cutting all the other children’s shoe laces. That was a difficult one to explain to the parents. A scarier incident was when one of my preschoolers had a seizure, and we had to call an ambulance. That was a scary time when I was in hyper-adrenaline mode and had to act competently and professionally to take care of that little guy. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christina, A very scary story on the little guy with the seizure. Yes, hyper-adrenaline mode and do what it takes in the moment. I hope all turned out okay. A funny story with my little granddaughter, especially when a happy ending. Thank you for reading and sharing your story:)


  24. Erica, a scary story with a happy ending, just in time for Halloween! Thinking of all that candy that will go up someone’s nose and the crowded Emergency rooms on the 31st. Yikes! I think every parent/grandparent has had this experience at one degree or another. Not fun when it happens but great blackmail years later. Stunning photographs of your beautiful granddaughter and congratulations on your one year blogaversary! Regarding deletions; I deleted one post from the first year, and have made changes to others. At some point, I will want to share the updated versions as the audience is entirely different now than it was in year one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too funny, on all the Halloween candy up someone’s nose, Suzanne. 🙂 I agree with the new audience after one year. I think this is one of the reasons I decided not to delete my original stories. It was also a way for me to share a one year blogiversary post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And most of all, I appreciate your support and kindness, Suzanne. 🙂

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  25. Oh My Goodness, I laughed out loud the minute I saw your title!! I have a page called “Stories My Mother Told Me” and just a few days ago I was reminding my brother (now in his 70s) of a story Mother told about how he put a bean up his nose when he was very small. The moisture in the orifice caused the bean to swell and necessitate a trip to the doctor to remove it. The doctor rewarded the small boy with a lollipop – a treat that was rare in our lives at the time. Within minutes of returning home, my mother grabbed my brother just as he was about to put another bean up his nose! Lollipops were well worth it apparently!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to meet you, Agnes. The story about your brother is even funnier than mine. I do recall how lollipops were a rare treat years ago (even today:) Our extended family would give the children tic tacs as a treat in the car. Abby, my granddaughter was about 2 1/2 at the time. She had been okay with a tic tac in the past. No longer a treat after this incident:) Thank you for reading and sharing your story.


  26. Oh dear this is all ahead of me with things up the nose – but you did really well not to panic too much Erica. I love reading my older posts and sometimes cringe at what I wrote but generally I’m happy that I wrote them at the time.Glad you didn’t hit delete!! #mlstl

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  27. Oh Crikey (as we would say in Australia!) that IS not fun at all. I reckon as grandparents it is MUCH harder to forgive ourselves when something happens to the grandkids in our care than it was as parents. As for telling a 2 y o to blow her nose..well-done!
    Congratulations on your blogoversary.
    Mine started in Dec 2010 and has had various types of blogs attached to my site: education, memories, schooling and more but I simplified it back in 2014 determined just to write about a range of things under one blog name. I got my host to delete stuff I no longer wanted and I have a few regrets about that but to be honest, I am happiest blogging as I am now so won’t go back to the past.
    Denyse #mlstl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Denyse, You are right. I do find the added feeling of responsibility when anything happens to our grandchildren. Very lucky at this point. I don’t want to have to use the word “crikey” too often. 🙂 You have an inspirational blog site, Denyse. You also have a great deal of experience and possibly a vision on how you have wanted to blog over the years. It is nice to see your transition and your site makes me feel there is no right or wrong. I have read some of your challenging history and I appreciate your candor. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts:)


  28. Glad it ended well. I had a rule when my kids were little, no food in the car, for this very reason. Re a memory of things going up noses, when my sister was a toddler a bee flew up her nose!! Not a pleasant experience to be sure. What an adorable little girl.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMgoodness, Peta. A bee! Scary! The extended family began with the tic tacs. After this incident, no more food in the car. You were smart about this from the start. Thank you for reading and sharing your story:)


  29. Hi- oh wow – glad you got at that tic-tac!
    So glad no ER visit was needed – and the nerd up the nose – scary for them.
    When we were children – my sister stuck a pussy willow Up her nose – I cannot recall how it came out – I remember the hype and we have talked about it since – but i think she was taken to the doctor –
    I still think of that when I see pussy willows –
    And yes – I have deleted blog posts – and actually would like to go and delete about half of mine – some of my old posts just don’t feel like the blogger I am now – kind of hard to explain – but a few of them might have ideas that are not even “me” anymore – like my views on food and health is so different than when I started my blog five years ago…
    But for now I let things sit – even tho some could use editing too….
    Oh well – only so much time I want to invest in that endeavor

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have heard about a pussy willow a few times. I wonder whether children are trying to smell it? Interesting your viewpoint on how some of the blog posts may not reflect who you are any more. You remind me how we are often very critical of our own work. Thank you for reading, Yvette and sharing your thoughts:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi – well the only posts I would want to delete would be the food ones because they do not syncs with the way we eat now – we “got off sugar” and have what I refer to as clean eating – without Judging anybody else’s choices – we just don’t eat sugars -industrial oils – and grains – and so some of my food posts are the “before”

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  30. Hi Erica,
    Sorry I have been so remiss in my reading…trying to get back in the groove. I read your title immediately after reading Donna’s post on her writing class which recommends having a title that grabs you. This new one def does that, LOL!
    You and I started about the same time, and I’ve been thinking about going back and revisiting some of the earlier posts. I know that I have evolved as a blogger over this past year and it might be a productive idea to see if revisions are in order.
    I’ve not deleted anything. That seems so final to me. I know that not everything I post is equal in value, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually get rid of any. Still, nothing in cyberspace is ever really “gone”…which is also a bit scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have been very busy with something called, “Life,” Nancy. 🙂 I extra love the poem/prose you recently wrote about your life. Realistically, I don’t think I would spend too much time going back over older posts. Too many new things coming up. I know what you mean about nothing ever totally disappears in cyberspace. I look forward to staying connected with you in Year Two.🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Happy Belated Blogiversary, Erica!!!

    I’ve actually kept almost all of my early posts. Even if I cringe a little when I go back and read some. I did delete one of the really early ones. I had a free account at the time and was running out of photo storage space (I had no idea about embedding photos back then…and still don’t do it often). It was a silly play on Green Eggs and Ham using the book, Walden and was very photo heavy. I still have the post saved in my documents. I’ve also culled some photos from older posts in order to speed up the site.

    I’m glad that your granddaughter didn’t require an ER trip. It’s funny that your title should ask that question. I was going through some albums when I was at my parent’s in September and found a photo of my oldest when he was about two with one of those little army men hanging out of his nose. I thought it was so hilarious to stumble upon that I sent it to him in a text. But some of those situations can definitely be really scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the Blogiversary wishes, Amy. I am not sure what you mean by embedding photos. I will look it up. I was not aware photos in older posts affect the present speed of our site. I do find I am still learning a great deal. Too funny on the little army men hanging out of his nose. Kids! Nice to meet you, Amy, this first year of blogging. You have a beautiful site always sharing beautiful, authentic you🙂

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  32. Had to laugh…I remember an emergency room visit after a 10 year old broke a Q-tip off in their ear (while we were driving them home from summer camp) and another when a 3 year old swallowed a key. Yup – always an adventure!
    #MLSTL visitor – shared on SM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing, Donna. 🙂 I had a hiccup with #MLSTL this week. I had copy/pasted my “Names” post. The upload was stalling, so I pressed a “history” button. The story from #MLSTL #90 was then shared yesterday (a repeat from 2 weeks ago). I contacted Sue and Leanne and they were able to remove it. Not everyone reads the posts anyways. Good grief, I am always learning something new. 🙂


  33. I had a few scary moments travelling with my children when they were little (the worst being when my toddler son got a Fischer Price tape recorder cord wrapped around his neck), but fortunately no objects up the nose with the grandchildren (yet). Those moments happen out of the blue, and it can be hard to notice mischief in progress when the kids are in car seats behind you. I’m glad that it all came out all right.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very scary on the tape recorder cord! You would think anything with the name Fisher Price on it would be safe. We try to keep our house child proof and yet, we were trying to frantically scoop out some little thing from our 1 1/2 year old’s mouth last week. Raising children and grandchildren is not for the faint of heart.


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