About Me



About Erica/Erika

Welcome to my blog!  I greatly appreciate your visit!

I am an eternal optimist and a grateful Human Being.

I have been living on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia with my husband for the past 28 years.  I am thankful our two daughters and their families live close by.

“The Malahat” Vancouver Island, B.C.

My career was in health care as a Dental Hygienist for over 25 years.

I am surrounded by people who inspire me on a daily basis.  I love the concept of sharing new perspectives with each other and learning from each other.

I am always observing and paying attention, especially to the lessons that begin in whispers, lessons that get louder and louder.

I love taking pictures and I am often surprised by the hidden gems I missed the first time around.  I chose the name behindthesceneryphoto.com because there is always a story behind every photo.

“Long Beach” Vancouver Island, B.C.

I am passionate about health, wellness and mindfulness.  I am a work in progress, constantly learning, evolving, recreating. 

I appreciate your thoughts, opinions and questions. You can contact me via the Comment section of each post and the private Contact Form.

I hope you will find my stories inspirational and thought-provoking. We can also have fun.  Ultimately, we are in this life together. Thank you for stopping by.


A Favourite Mantra

“If you believe you can or cannot, you are right.”

Why the Names Erica/Erika?

A question I am often asked is why the two names?  The answer is found in this link.  I also learned a great deal from the Comments. Erica or Erika? Which Name Should I Keep?

Published Articles

“What’s Up Yukon”  Yukon Lifestyle Magazine.  “Sliding Doors – Do you ever wonder how your life would be different now if you had taken the Other Door?”

“The Icelander”  “Iceland Naturally Magazine”  Travel and culture topics related to Iceland.  “How Do I Choose One Favourite Photo Of Iceland?”

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Erica,
    Nice to meet you here and lovely to see such a positive blog. Photography, vulnerability and works in progress I feel are things we have in common.
    I look forward to reading your posts and sharing your journey, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to meet you, Michele. I briefly visited your site to find out your name. I became caught up in your interesting, heartwarming stories and the fun, beautiful photos. I have been blogging about 1 1/2 years and I am still on a huge learning curve. For the first 6 months I did not even have “Comments” toggled on until someone pointed this out to me. I think leaving comments is by either scrolling down to end and a comment section appears. Or possibly, depending on the device, clicking on comments and the section appears. I greatly appreciate the follow and I have subscribed to your site. I look forward to reading and connecting.


  2. Hi Erica,

    It’s nice to meet you and read about you, too. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to reading more of your posts and viewing your photos. I’ve had my blog for 9 years now, and my son, who at the time was 15, nudged me into starting a poetry blog which happened to be around the time that I turned the Big Five-O! I don’t know if you remember, but I’ve just returned after a very long break, so I’ve made some minor changes, one being that I’m not sharing only poetry. I’ll share anything I’ve written in any form, along with photos. So, I admire you for jumping in with a positive attitude. This is a great way to connect with people across the globe and it’s also a wonderful classroom. Wishing you all the best and see you around. 🙂 Lauren 🌷

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    1. Hi Lauren, Thank you for taking the time out to visit and comment on the “About me.” I haven’t really updated it since I began blogging about one and one half years ago. Overall, I think it still holds true.

      Yes, I agree with you, on how blogging is a great way to connect with people from across the globe. I did not know any of this when I first started. In the beginning I did not even have “comments” toggled on until a kind blogger pointed this out. I love the supportive community and I learn a great deal every day. This has become one of my Happy Places. I look forward to continuing the connection.🙂🌻Erica

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi
    I visite your site. I read your introduction. Good blog post. Nice photography. Intersting story post. Your work in progress. I enjoyed. I am so happy

    Liked by 1 person

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