Grammy’s Grid Interview

I am delighted to be featured in this interesting and fun Blogging Grandmothers Series.  Thank you, Dee!

I am very grateful to be a Mother and a Grandmother.  My family makes me smile every day.   My love for them is endless and immeasurable. 

You can read my featured interview here:   Blogging Grandmothers Series 3 with Erica from behindthesceneryphoto


49 thoughts on “Grammy’s Grid Interview

  1. Interesting answers. I would have thought your answer to dogs or cats would have been neither….we’ve been there done that…I have a daughter with some extra cats if you are interested Not! Favorite movie is definitely FUNNY. Seeing you have children made me realize how much love you have; but now, seeing you with your grandchildren shows me your love has no bounds.

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  2. Great questions and answers – I did try & leave a comment on Grammys Grid but the message came up that I’m a spammer. Not to worry…it was fab getting to know you a little better.

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  3. Aww, it was fun reading your answers to the questions. Your family is full of love and fun, and I can’t help but smile reading all the answers. Congrats on all the fun you find in the ‘now’ of life!!

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    1. Thanks Donna. In retrospect, I did not spend a long time reflecting on the answers. The first thought that comes to mind is a fun part of this exercise. It is always a challenge finding a not blurry picture of the children, as you well know. They are always in motion. I also look forward to connecting with you soon:)


  4. I really enjoyed this interview!

    E/E, you are so real, honest and authentic and it shines through every response you give.
    I guess it doesn’t hurt that I look at life in a very similar way as you do! 😄

    Susan Grace

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    1. A kind comment from a very kind lady:) Thank you, Susan! I have noticed we are often on the same wavelength, similar values and vulnerabilities. xx It was actually a fun exercise with great questions from Dee. 😊

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  5. This was a great interview – I liked the questions … and of course getting to know you better through your answers. Has it really only been a year since you started your blog? Did I misread that? I feel like I’ve ‘known’ you for a long time 🙂

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  6. What a fun interview, Erica. I loved getting to learn a little more about you. I’m pretty sure that if past lives exist, mine was the same as yours. How you met your husband sounds like it makes for a fascinating story!! Your grandchildren look so precious. I’m sure they fill your heart so much. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Amy. A few people have mentioned the meeting husband story. Hmmm….? Dee asked great questions and the answers were my immediate gut response. I have enjoyed reading other interviews and it was a fun exercise. A nice way to say this, Amy “fill my heart.” I am lucky I live close to my children and grandchildren and I have the opportunity to see them often. I know you are going through a transition stage right now. The empty nest is beginning in your home. You always appreciate family, too.🙂

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