The Legacy of a Folded Note

Some people make my day.

I look forward to seeing them.

They add a bounce to my step and a smile to my spirit.

        They can also change my life. 

A Wonderful Couple

Working in the health field, I had the privilege of meeting many people.

I always looked forward to seeing this wonderful couple.

They would greet me with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes. 

They appeared to have a very good relationship.

They would banter back and forth, always communicating respectfully with each other.

They would tease each other with the ease of many shared years of history and humour.

They Had Recently Celebrated Their 50th Wedding Anniversary 

I asked the gentleman, “what is the secret to your long term, happy marriage?” 

I thought he would respond with a humorous, witty reply such as “she puts up with me,” or “we have lived long enough.” 

        I did not expect his response. 

He opened his wallet, unfolded a well-worn piece of paper and handed me a note

He Had Written Down Five Words

  • Communication 
  • Autonomy 
  • Respect 
  • Acceptance 
  • Whose Agenda 

I Paused For a Moment

I did not know what to say.

This was not a response laced with wit and humour.

He was serious.

         He was divulging a very personal part of his life. 

His wife had been a busy, stay at home Mother, raising their three sons. 

After their sons had grown and moved away from home, she continued to lead an active life filled with many hobbies and interests.

His career had often taken him away from home. They had established a comfortable life with a consistent routine. 

A New Stage 

A year before he was going to retire, he and his wife went to see a counsellor.

This couple was concerned how his retirement may change the dynamics of their home and ultimately harm their relationship.

They wanted to be prepared for some of the challenges that retirement can bring. 

        The counsellor described five qualities that greatly influence the health of all relationships.

        The five words he had written down on this note.

Every Sunday Night

Sunday night is date night for this couple.

They open a bottle of wine and share an intimate dinner.

They review these five categories and ask, “how did we do this week?”

I thanked him for sharing.

I took these five words home with me. 

The Legacy Of This Folded Note

The conversation with this gentleman took place about ten years ago.

I often think fondly about this couple. 

The last time I saw them they were having increased health challenges.

 The unfortunate part of getting older. 

This Couple Enriched My Life

They inspired me with their thoughtfulness, respect and genuine love for each other.

They shared a very personal part of their relationship.

      They did not take their marriage for granted.

I would like to think they are still having their Sunday date night.

They are reviewing their common values and goals.

Communicating with kindness and love. Always with a twinkle in their eyes. 

This wonderful couple has changed my life.

They left me a legacy.

        I am unfolding this note and sharing with you. 

Do you recall someone from your past who inspired you? Made a positive impact on your life?

Behind the Scenery


I have recently enjoyed reading inspirational and heartwarming books from two writers. They share contemporary, engaging stories about relationships and how love comes in many forms.

“A Home for Her Daughter” written by Jill Weatherholt.

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I look forward to reading “A Dream of Family” written by Jill Weatherholt.

Publication date: June 29, 2021 Available for preorder on Amazon

“Escape To Curlew Cottage” written by Joanne Tracey

Publication date:  March 12, 2021 Available for preorder now on Amazon. Australian Store – link will take you to your region

Date Nights


All photos of lovebirds taken by me in New Zealand, 2017