What the Heck is Australian Campfire Damper?

Our Fall Camping Trip, 2020

Kennedy Lake, Vancouver Island

On the way to Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach

Eerily, smokey skies.  The roads and lakes almost disappear.

Our traditional stop at Coombs for sustenance.

My Husband:  Belgian Hazelnut Chocolate and Burgundy Cherry.  Me:  Espresso Flakes and Salted Caramel

Traditional stop at Coombs for sustenance

We veer off the main road for a pit stop at Kennedy Lake.  We are surprised by the unusual depth of layers in our stunning view.

Kennedy Lake, Vancouver Island

At Our Campsite

My Husband Gives Me THAT LOOK

Chuck:  “What the heck is Australian Campfire Damper?

Me:  “My Australian friends tell me I have to make Australian Damper over the campfire.”

Note to self:

  • Remember to bring the teaspoon of sugar from home for next time.  It may help with caramelizing the surface and the overall appearance.
  • Two skewers at a time works better than one.
  • Covering the dough around the sausage was a hit.  Especially when you pinch the ends of the dough together.

          It tastes better than it looksEven when you eat it partially raw.

  • Chuck was a great sport.

          Extra Husband Points for helping me with this one.

How Is Camping Still The Same This Year?

Guilty Pleasures:

Many great books to read from morning until night.

Guilty Pleasure. Reading from morning until night.

We Bring Our Luxury items:

  • Blueberry tea
  • Fondue pot
  • Propane Campfire


  • Untouched Old Growth Forest.
  • Trees covered in a blanket of moss.
  • Ocean as far as the eyes can see.
  • The sounds of nature.
  • The sounds of silence.
Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach

Each Other:

My husband and I continue to laugh many times every day.

           At ourselves.  With each other.

We enjoy our quiet time together.

          “When you can sit in perfect silence with someone, you truly know how to communicate.” Richard Wagamese

We still have each other.

            I cannot ask for anything more.

Grateful for each other. Long Beach.

How Is Camping Different This Year? 

Smokey skies.

        The view is a little different.

Our camper contains extra supplies.

         Masks, Chlorox wipes, disinfecting solutions

I expect changes every year.

This year I learned a great deal from the unexpected.

Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach

As For Our Australian Campfire Damper?

Our photos do not look like the perfect results in the Pinterest recipe pictures.

We did have a perfectly fun time.  

Would we make it again?


We will call it Australian CANUCK Campfire Damper.  

                    Our New Tradition.

Have you tried out something new you learned from the blogging community?

Behind the Scenery

Australian Campfire Damper

I used the attached recipe as a guide.  I guesstimated the quantities and the thickness of the dough.  Many variations of this recipe found online.

Australian Campfire Damper

A huge thank you to my Australian friends for sharing the recipes and especially for sharing yourselves and your time. 

Blueberry Tea Recipe

A classic recipe resurfaced from 1970’s camping.  A combination of amaretto liqueur, orange liqueur, hot Earl Grey tea or Orange Pekoe tea.  This year we also used Mint Tea.  All great!  Especially on cold, rainy  evenings.

Reading by the Campfire

My reading has changed significantly since I began my blog two years ago.

I spend many hours each week reading entertaining and inspirational blogs.

I enjoy wonderful books written by these gifted and creative writers.

I am introduced to diverse genres:

  • A wonderful collection of short stories and poems.
  • A Land of Fantasy
  • A coming-of-age story
  • New perspectives on the Human Condition 
  • Action and Adventure
  • Beautiful and powerful Poetry
  • Love in all of it’s forms

Recent Books I Have Enjoyed Reading By These Remarkably Talented Writers:

The Storyteller Speaks: Powerful Stories to Win Your Heart”  by Annika Perry https://annikaperry.com/about-me/

“Liars and Thieves (Unraveling the Veil Book 1)”  by D. Wallace Peach https://mythsofthemirror.com/2020/08/29/liars-and-thieves-book-launch-central/

“A Home for Her Daughter”  by Jill Weatherholt https://jillweatherholt.wordpress.com/2020/08/25/a-home-for-her-daughter-newrelease/

“Moments We Love”  by Balroop Singh https://balroop2013.wordpress.com/about/

“Vanished”  by Mark Bierman https://markbierman.wordpress.com/about-my-book/

“Dog Bone Soup (Historical Fiction): A Boomer’s Journey” by Bette A. Stevens https://4writersandreaders.com/about/

129 thoughts on “What the Heck is Australian Campfire Damper?

  1. Okay…the romance writer in me got a little weepy when I read this, Erica: “When you can sit in perfect silence with someone, you truly know how to communicate.” Richard Wagamese
    “We still have each other. I cannot ask for anything more.”
    Isn’t that what it’s all about? Thank you for sharing your trip with us. You both look so happy and your photos are stunning. Your face always lights up in front of a camera. I’m honored my book was one you enjoyed. You picked some great ones!

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    1. You have a gift with words, Jill, even with your comments. ❤️ You zeroed right into the romance part. I did not know I could still call it “romance” after all of these years. 🙂 It seems almost like a quieter, deeper feeling. Everything becomes more precious, especially time together. I know you experience this first hand, too, Jill. Your writing reflects the layers and types of love. Thank you for your kind comment about the photos. Let’s just say there were a lot of outtakes.😊


  2. Hi, Erica – It’s awesome to hear from you. Your time spent camping sounds and looks wonderful. I love your flexibility. Your priorities are spot-on! I am so jealous that you got to make damper. It’s high on my list — thanks for sharing the extra tips. I look forward to chatting again soon.

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    1. Hi Donna, I did bring the ingredients and recipe for making the campfire damper. I am too embarrassed to post some of the photos of the extra weird results. I was going to write “rejects” when I recall we also ate them. 😊 I may show you a photo in real life, if you promise not to laugh. We were going to try one more version, yet did not want to go through the mess. Especially when camping and cleaning up is more of a chore. All fun and tasty!

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  3. I LIKE the way you guys camp! A friend gave me the recipe for blueberry tea many many years ago and I’e never made it. That has got to change!

    So happy to read that your camping trip is/was a success despite the smoke. I was wondering how you managed as the smoke was quite bad here on the eastern side of the island…”close all the windows and stay inside as much as possible” bad. And now we are supposed to be getting more smoke, again!


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    1. Deb, If you meet us when we are camping, or even by our little fire pit at home one day, it will be Blueberry Tea for us. 🙂 Especially on a cool day. Warms the body and soul. And tasty! The day we drove out to Long Beach was a mixed bag with all of the smoke. We barely saw the road or lakes in certain areas. Even the true West Coast area was smokey when we arrived. It dissipated after a few days. The rain helped. Hopefully, less smoke over the next while.

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  4. Thank you for taking us along with you, Erica. I am so happy for you that you had ‘sounds of nature’ and ‘sounds of silence’…both are rejuvenating when we have lovely company and mouthwatering recipes to explore. The books of your choice could be the icing on the cake! What a wonderful trip! Thank you so much for reading ‘Moments We Love’ – perfect for such a trip.

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    1. Balroop, I enjoy reading your poetry and stories on your blog. I knew I would like this book. I read one or two poems at a time. Your gift with words. ❤️The poems resonate with me. They move me. I know when I reread them, I will uncover more layers and more meaning. You are right, Balroop, perfect for taking along on our retreat. Thank you!❤️

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  5. Oh my goodness Erica/Erika! I learned so much in this post. And enjoyed your pics and smiles (and hubby’s) the best. How you arrange your information is so easy to follow. Thank you for the recipes! I’m definitely going to try them. What a beautiful trip!

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    1. Hi again, Karla, We have been on this type of an unplugged camping trip every Fall for many years. Yet, each time it is still a unique experience. My body and soul appreciate the rest and reflection. We have an eight foot camper and it is perfect for us. We used to camp in it with our two daughters and a dog. Always a highlight of our entire year. Thank you for reading and sharing your kind and thoughtful words.

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      1. What a wonderful life Erica! An 8 ft camper with kids and a dog is in my wheelhouse for sure (or should I say wagon?)! Rest and reflection~perfect for the soul indeed 💚❤️💜 take care and continue being blessed!

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  6. What a wonderful post, Erica. I kept picking out wonderful things to remark on in the comments, but there were too many: husband and his ice cream(s), campfire damper attempts and enjoyment (even if a little raw – lol), amazing landscapes, and Each Other. That last one warmed my heart and is the point of these kinds of adventures. Thank you so much for taking my book along, too. I’m just tickled to be included with that line up of authors. May you have many many more campfire dampers. ❤

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    1. Hi Diana, My husband continued to hear about how much I LOVED your book. You hit the huge WOW factor! I was easily drawn into the story and the characters. Vivid descriptions. Characters I love and characters I do not trust. I enjoyed having consecutive, quiet hours to read. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.❤️

      We do this unplugged camping trip every year. A highlight for us. I try not to ‘go there’ Yet, I always wonder whether this will be our last year. Nothing is forever. Thank you for reading and sharing your kind, thoughtful comment.❤️

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    1. Thanks, Marty, The Australian Damper was a totally new recipe/adventure for us. I am too embarrassed to post the pictures of our actual first few attempts. Major fails and outtakes. The sad part is we actually ate them. A huge treat for us to be able to get away together like this, especially this year. I keep sending out good vibes your way.🙂

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  7. Those ice creams had me drooling Erica. The next photo of Kennedy Lake looks to me like a pair of lips, with the tongue hanging out in delight 😀 fabulous post thank you. I enjoyed it vicariously! What’s not to love – Nature, books, delicious sounding teas fortified with all sorts of things, food, adventure and a husband who knows a thing or 3. Gorgeous photos too!

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    1. Interesting, Susan, on how it came up anonymously. I know a few of the bloggers have had more issues recently on their blogs. I refollowed you to see whether that would make a difference and WP just said I was already following you. I don’t know whether it is a Safari versus Google Chrome issue? Or a new editor thing?

      I greatly appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts. 🙂 We have done this Fall unplugged camping trip for many years, yet each year it is different. It was especially different this year. I also feel it is more precious every year, since we know everything in life is temporary. I looked again at that photo of Kennedy Lake and I see what you mean. We pulled off the main road into a lane and we were in awe of the view. It was due to the smoke drifting up from the south. Surreal. Yes, my husband is one of the original Boy Scouts. Lucky me. It makes camping fun.❤️


  8. Well, that’s certainly different from making smores on the campfire! I think we call em Pups in a Blanket. 😀 It looks so pretty there. I’m glad you’re laughing a lot, reading, relaxing, and spending time with your Chuck.

    We’re getting more smoke too. It looks pretty icky out this morning already. 😭 I hope you don’t get it as bad as last tie. Stay safe!

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    1. Deborah, I have some wonderful Australian blogging friends who recommended I try this damper. I looked online, and it is a real thing. 🙂 We had many outtakes, and falling into the fire issues. Lots of laughs, too. And it tasted great. This smoke thing is a real problem. Hopefully the rain will help and it will dissipate quickly. Challenging for you and your beautiful photography.

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    1. I would love to see your version of a damper, Suzanne. This was the first time I have heard about the Campfire damper. I am too embarrassed to show some of the original outtakes. The sad part is how we ate it anyways. 😊For some reason the Vancouver area was considered one of the worst on our planet with smoke and air quality for a few days. We had considerable smoke on the Island where we could not even see lakes or part of the road. The rain over the next few days helped. Good vibes and hugs sent to you and yours, Suzanne, with all that is going on right now.❤️


  9. Camping…expert level. Always fun to inject a creative twist, successful or not. It’s all about creating memories. And who know, could become a tradition!

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    1. Sara, You know first hand how I had the “expert” camper with me. Likely, one of the original Boy Scouts. 🙂 We made a few batches of the campfire damper that continued to turn out differently. We had one more unique variation we wanted to try. We were not in the mood to create more mess and clean up at that point. Especially when camping. Maybe we will try it at home. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.❤️

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  10. Erica/ Erika: I’m glad you and Chuck had a great camping trip. I’m all for that fist stop for ice cream at Coombs 🙂 Pacific Rim NP, Long Beach is a magical place where we connect with the sky, the sea, the land, and other living organisms. I want to go there again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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    1. Wow, you say it well, Nancy. “….a magical place where we connect with the sky, the sea, the land….”. You know this first hand. Grateful we were able to go again this year and replenish our body and spirt.🙂


    1. Hi Janis, Chuck does most of the work and I am just the helper Girl Scout. It is a great excuse to unplug, recharge and catch up on a lot of reading. The ice cream place is always a priority stop for us. Many flavours, all very conscious of distancing people. We were not sure whether it would be open.🙂 I know how Chuck eventually reads my posts and comments. I am looking forward to having him read your comment. Janis, about his hair. My Brother recently told him out he liked his “flowing locks.” 🤣

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  11. What a wonderful post Erica! Full of my favourite things, delicious damper, cosy campfires, good food, stunning scenery, beautiful nature, good company and peaceful conversations. Thanks so much for sharing all your special loves with us. xx


  12. What a wonderful post Erica! Full of my favourite things, delicious damper, cosy campfires, good food, stunning scenery, beautiful nature, good company and peaceful conversations. Thanks Erica for sharing all your special loves with us. xx


  13. This looks like a 5-star camping trip, Erica. What a lovely thing to say that” My husband and I continue to laugh many times every day… At ourselves. With each other… We enjoy our quiet time together.” It was different this year but it was for sure a precious one to you and your husband. There was no other people, only you and your husband. You even brought your luxury items with you. Looking at you with your feet up, laptop with books, and your Champaign. I bet the time went by too fast. You brought excellent books from my dear friends with you. I would like to send you my book for your next camping trip. What do you think?

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    1. Hi Miriam, We are very fortunate we had the opportunity to camp at Long Beach. Unplug, rest, replenish my body and spirit. And, a huge treat to read for many uninterrupted hours.

      An exceptionally kind, thoughtful offer for you to send me your book. I just now checked to see availability of “Songs of Heartstrings” through Amazon.ca. I can also order and download. I had not thought much about poetry until I began my blog a couple of years ago. I find I greatly enjoy reading and rereading poems.❤️


      1. Hi, Erica, I’ve camped a few times, but it’s not my favorite. My husband thought of going on a road trip and make several stops. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, we may go next year.

        Don’t download the book yet.

        I won the prize for hosting Diana’s book launch. She’s doing a trailer for my book. When it’s done, I’ll lower the book price to $0.99 for promotion.

        I called my book a poetic memoir. It’s more of a story. 💞

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  14. Erica is sounds like you had a wonderful time of rest, restoration, discovery and sheer appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding you. I think there must have been a lot of forest bathing going on for you to sound so relaxed. Glad you enjoyed your damper. I make it sometimes as a loaf in the oven (like a large scone/biscuit) and break it apart to eat with soup (and plenty of butter). So maybe you should try it at home sometime over winter too? Looking forward to catching up when you’re back in the land of the interwebs xxx


  15. Camping, or any other activity for that matter, is always better when you get to share laughs with the one that you love. I’m glad that you two can still enjoy these times.

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    1. You are right, Pete, I find we laugh every day. It likely also diffuses conflict or any stressful situation. We were fortunate to get away camping this year. A highlight for us, each Fall. I hope things are all right in your neck of the woods.

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  16. 1) Maximum points from me for camping – especially in less-than-perfect conditions. I’m not a camper – never was, never will be – but I’m constantly in awe of those like you who love it and continue to do it year after after.

    2) Cooking and camping? Now you are in the ‘Goddess’ category. I don’t enjoy cooking in a fully equipped kitchen and here you are testing new recipes in ‘the wild’!! I bow to you with deep respect … and Chuck. omg – why am I not surprised Chuck is in there playing with this new recipe as your sous-chef?! Bonus points for Chuck!

    3) You were on the Pacific Rim. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. Although I do realize I too could vacation on the Pacific Rim if I was willing to camp. Could be a problem.

    4) Extra bonus points for Chuck for the Burgundy Cherry ice cream. This man understands ice cream.

    5) Guilty pleasures … did you think I wasn’t going to notice the wine glass? 😆 This part of camping I understand!

    6) “We still have each other. I cannot ask for anything more.” That says it all 💕

    7) Great post, Erica. I love the way you categorized your experience this year. All things going forward will be measured against 2020. Based on this post, you’ve set the bar high ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Joanne, Thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful comment. ❤️ We are able to book a campsite at Pacific Rim National Park at 8am on January 2nd. every year. The camp spots disappear within a couple of minutes. This trip is a highlight for us. The combination of unplugged, ocean air, forest bathing, uninterrupted reading time. It becomes even more precious with time since we know everything is temporary.

      I was sifting through my photos. Many outtakes. Funny how I was holding a wine glass in many of them. Funny, you would notice this. 🙂You are right, even camping has been different in 2020. Hugs and good vibes to you in your neck of the woods. Yes, bubble wrap time.❤️


      1. I’m reading this at 7am with my morning cup of coffee trying to register that you go camping every year on January 2nd at the Pacific Rim 😳
        After about the 4th reading, I finally clued in what you were really saying. The blade is a little dull this morning 🙄


        1. Joanne, I reread my reply to you and I could see how it sounded like we were camping 8am January 2nd. Not! Sorry about that. This reminds me about reading street signs in a foreign city. It all makes perfect sense to them. They know where they are going. I look forward to catching up with you again, soon.❤️


            1. You are right, Joanne, on how cold and wet, is extra cold. We lived in the North and we did not feel the cold as much as we do here, in the Winter. Might need to bring out the blueberry tea more often. 🙂

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  17. Erica, my soul is soaring at the beauty of the landscapes you encountered during your magical trip. The forest seems enchanted, timeless and the ocean views are simply stunning! How blessed are such days, such travels, with your soulmate at your side, for laughter, conversation and peaceful silence! Yeah! A trip has to have to time for lots of reading and you look very cosy with your feet up, tucking into a book! Quite a few I’ve read, some waiting on my kindle and thank you so much for the lovely mention of my book! 😀 Love & hugs xx ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annika, I initially feel a little guilty stepping away from everything and everyone (except my husband) since we do not have cell/wifi when we camp there. I immediately breathe easier and I can feel my body relax and my spirit is replenished with all that is good. LIke you say, I am with my soulmate. I especially love the uninterrupted reading time. You are right. It is a “magical trip.”

      I received “The Storyteller Speaks” in the mail when we arrived home. I began reading the stories on our ferry trip to the Lower Mainland. I am reading one or two stories at a time. Savouring them.❤️

      Are you familiar with Alice Munro’s short stories? Your first story “Biding Her Time” immediately reminded me of how Alice Munro’s stories make me feel. They are stories that never leave me. They forever change me. Beautiful! ❤️

      I hope you and your family are doing okay, Annika. I send you loving vibrations. I believe it all makes a difference.❤️

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      1. Erica, never feel guilty for enjoying time away … and without connectivity so much the better! 😀I miss that feeling of freedom which we usually experience every year for a few weeks in Sweden at the summer houses in the forest!

        Wow! I’m touched and humbled by your comment about my writing and comparisons to Alice Munro writings! Although I’ve heard wonderful things about her books I realised I’ve never read any – something I’m remedying immediately and just bought a copy of ‘Runaway’ – I have a feeling this will be the first of many! Coincidentally I was reading a book I received for my birthday entitled ‘Bibliophile’ and inside it mentioned the amazing Munro’s Books – which was their book shop in Victoria, British Columbia. As Alice was reading through their stock she reckoned she could write something better!!

        Awww … thank you so much for your loving vibrations and they are most definitely helping! Slowly but surely things are improving… my family and I have so much for which to be grateful. Hugs xx ❤️

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        1. You are right, Annika. If I heard someone else say they were feeling guilty about time away, I would quickly reinforce the importance of time to rest and replenish their body and spirit. 🙂

          It has be awhile since I have read Alice Munro’s books. You have inspired me to reread “Runaway.” Alice Munro has received many awards and accolades. As you have found out, she has a history with Victoria and Munro’s Books. I know I have really enjoyed her stories.

          I briefly looked up “Bibliophile”. Intriguing. Very glad to hear things are improving! I hope you get a chance to put your feet up and catch up reading. Yes, grateful! Hugs.xx❤️

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  18. I will confess that I am not much of a camper! Although as a child I did love it. And as an adult I keep wishing we could go someplace where there are no lights around except for the stars above. Sounds like you and your husband have made a perfect combination and connection with camping. And… A great selection of books

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    1. Pam, I am very fortunate how my husband is one of the original Boy Scouts. I do minimal work. Ergo, the feet up by the fire indulging in great books.🙂 I feel a little guilty stepping out of the mainstream since we do not have cell/wifi. Yet, I find my body and spirit recharge. You are right, it is a huge treat to see only the stars at night.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Betsy. We are very fortunate to have access to views. I just now looked up Wiki re the name Blueberry tea. Supposedly by the colour and the fruity taste, almost like blueberries. It is actually a tasty combination. It was fun to experiment with the damper. I am too embarrassed to post many of the outtake photos. 😊

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  19. Wow, Erica!! That scenery is just gorgeous!! I had not heard of an Australian Campfire Damper, but it looks like something I’d want to try! I haven’t had fondue in forever, but I just brought home these fun fondue sticks from my in-laws. It must be a sign that we should have a fondue night! 🙂 I’ve tried new photographic techniques that I’ve learned from the blogging community. I need to make note of the books you’ve read. My TBR list keeps growing. 🙂 I’m so happy that you and your husband were able to have a nice getaway. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Australian Campfire damper is a first for me, too. We were going to try one more variation. Next time. My husband surprised me one year by bringing our fondue pot along with ingredients, camping. It has now become a tradition. I appreciate learning about new photography techniques. I learn from you, too, Amy. I love when your share some info and part of the books you read.xx ❤️

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  20. Erica, we are long-term campers … and you totally stumped us with Australian Campfire Damper! It looks both delicious and fun. We’ve been camping all week, but the food we fixed sounds very pedestrian next to yours. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    Most of all I love your reflections on romance. And like you, I think it shifts and evolves as you live your lives together. But just snuggling beside a campfire is eternally romantic. ~Terri

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    1. Terri, I recently learned about Australian Campfire Damper from a few Australian friends. Like you say delicious and fun. I am glad you had a chance to camp this Fall. It feels like a bit of normalcy. Especially when getting back to basics. I had not really thought about the romance part until some of the comments. Very grateful for our time together.🙂

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    1. I love how you describe this, Bette, “…bounty and beauty of the great outdoors…”. I am grateful for the time we have together. Thank you also, Bette, for sharing on Twitter. I see this when I am scrolling, although I do not get notifications when my name or site is mentioned. I think I may have to remove the app and set it up again, according to the help sites. Thank you for your kind support.❤️

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    1. Jo, I went out and bought specific ingredients for this recipe. I am too embarrassed to show some of the outtakes. I cannot even say rejects, since we ate it all and it was great. 🙂 Fun! Thank you for the inspiration. ❤️

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  21. Now, where is the photo of your truck camper? 🙂 How do you create the outside protection that you have above the fire ring? Is it some kind of outdoor tent-like contraption? Does it attach to your camper?

    Other than my curiosity about your set-up: what a lovely time you had at a lovely location! Quality time in nature and in peace. It’s so nice that your reading list grew based on the authors of the blogs you read. Talk about a win-win situation.

    Oh, I had no idea what a damper was, but after reading your post and some of the comments, it is becoming clear to me. We are usually too lazy for campfires and making food above the fire and use our van kitchen. I do hope we will start enjoying the real camping experience again, one of these months!

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    1. Liesbet, The shelter is a stand alone 10′ x 10′ pop-up canopy from Walmart. It’s under $100 and comes with a sunscreen. I use three sunscreens to “enclose” the shelter which helps both with privacy as well as warmth. By tucking it right up against the camp picnic table there is sufficient room for the propane campfire and chairs.

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    2. P1220030.jpg
      Liesbet, I think my husband may have added a note here. The contraption sort of pops up and clicks into place. Perfect for the rain and shelters from wind, too. It stands alone. You are right, Liesbet. It is a win-win, fun to read new authors and new genres. Especially with uninterrupted reading time. We do not have wifi or cell and we are able to unplug. Great for my body and spirit. I have a few wonderful, Australian blogging friends and they encouraged me to try the damper. A bit of a tasty learning curve. I was not sure whether you had seen pictures of the truck/camper in the past. Our truck is a 1995 Chev. The truck before this one was a 1976 Chev.


  22. Your camping trip looks and sounds fantastic! Reading all day is definitely a highlight of a weekend retreat (so too is wine, which I see you did not forget!). And your photo of Kennedy Lake is breathtaking. Actually, I like all your pics! You have quite the eye.

    Never heard of Australian Damper but sign me up.

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    1. I was sifting through the photos, Mark, and I do seem to be holding a glass of wine in many of them. We just stopped at Kennedy Lake to stretch our legs and it was surreal and beautiful. On our way to Long Beach we had many areas of thick smoke drifting up from the South. Lots of rain helped it dissipate. I am really enjoying your photos, too. The word “vicariously” gets used a lot these days. No travel out of the country for now.


  23. What a wonderful, fun, and moving post, Erica. In some ways, your camping experience reminds me of all the camping and backpacking adventures my hubby and I have gone on. Exploring, relaxing, reading, wine-ing, cooking, and most importantly, just being able to sit together in silence. Absolutely wonderful and thank you for sharing. I’ve also been purchasing author buddy books and have more to buy. Love your collection and maybe you’ll add John’s book, Eternal Road, to that list for next trip. 🙂 I currently have another book in the mix, too, so that’s keeping me busy. Thanks again for sharing your joy and your recipes. 💕

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    1. Thank you for your kind, supportive comment, Lauren. We were fortunate to be able to get away this year. We love camping at Green Point campground, a national park part of Long Beach. I like your phrase “author buddy books.” My reading world has opened up to new stories from these remarkably talented writers. I now have “Eternal Road” on my Kindle app. 🙂 You know first hand how camping allows the uninterrupted reading time. A huge treat on our retreat.❤️

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  24. I’m not a camper, but you do make it look enjoyable. Especially the time to read a wide variety of blogs and books. That is a luxury that seems worth pursuing. The Australian Damper sounds intriguing. What fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ally, We do not have wifi or cell so I cannot read blogs. Only books I have downloaded on my Kobo and Kindle App on my iPad. Still feels like the ultimate luxury. Thank you for reading and sharing your supportive comment. Yes, fun! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Great post!
    Top pics
    The ice cream
    The feet up with reading day to night
    And the couple smile Long Beach

    And next time we go
    Camping might need to bring our fondue pot – good idea

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  26. I enjoyed your post a great deal! You and your husband were obviously having the time of your lives enjoying each other’s company in beautiful surroundings. You piqued my curiosity with the Australian Campfire Damper, so I looked it up and learned that it’s soda bread. The production of it did look like a lot of fun. Do you call sausage or hot dogs wrapped in dough pigs-in-blankets? I think my favorite picture out of the group has to be Chuck two-fisting the ice cream cones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind, supportive comment, Liz. We have many outtake photos of the Campfire damper. The sad thing is we ate it all anyways. Still tasty. I now will look up recipes for soda bread. We just sort of made up the version of pigs in a blanket. We have a few other ideas for the future. Fun, yet a little messy when camping. I shared your comment with my husband and the favourite picture with the ice cream. Huge belly laughs from the both of us. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.🙂

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  27. Oh Erica I’m just catching up now with this and smiled all the way through it. I like to think I was your inspiration for the damper – find a stick, any stick will do, as long as it’s clean 🙂 – and am thrilled with your post and photos. I’m so proud of you for taking it seriously and giving it a go and also that you enjoyed it so much. I love your photos and how relaxed and happy you look. I love that quote about being silent with someone, it’s a great stage of life to be in when that is the result. You both look happy and it looks like you are living the best life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deb, You were definitely my inspiration for the damper. 🙂 We did have a lot of fun with it. We had one more version we wanted to try, and we will save it for a future campfire. I have some very embarrassing outtakes photos. The sad thing is we ate it anyways. And, it was tasty. We definitely are grateful for the days we have together. We all know life is temporary. Thank you for sharing your kind, thoughtful comment. I look forward to connecting again, soon.❤️

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  28. Hello!

    I tell you I was so out of the loop that I thought an Australian Damper was something that either kept the rain out or put a kabosh on fun. 🙂 Right around the time you published this blog, I discovered a recipe recommended by a food blog that is called “socca” (a popular street food in France). It is made from chickpea flour, olive oil and water – it’s a gluten free flat bred and you cook it in a cast iron pan and put it under the broiler. Sounds super easy and I wonder if it could be cooked over a camping stove. How would one brown the top?

    Putting a sausage in the middle of a “damper” would be appealing to me on a crisp evening along with that wicked blueberry “tea”.

    My son and I were talking about taking time away from technology overload and re-connecting with Nature; as he noted, “just like our ancestors did”. We talked about how our ancestors watched the skies with an obsession as well as living and breathing by the seasons. Now that is medicine for mind, body and soul. And I think that’s what you did on your trip – got a healthy dose of Nature’s medicine.

    Lovely! On so many levels.

    Susan Grace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Susan, This was the first time I have heard about Australian Damper. I have a few very good Australian friends and one of them sent me a recipe when she heard I was going camping. The “socca” sounds interesting and similar. I think the damper can be made in a cast iron pot, too. The blueberry tea is tasty and only as wicked as you make it. We usually only have it camping. Hmmmm….expecting a long winter of cocooning.

      I do feel guilty about the unplugging. Silly me. I am not immediately available for everyone, even to respond. I find my body relaxes much deeper. Yes, Nature’s medicine. Nice to hear from you, Susan. I am still all goosebumpy about your Part 2 Story. xx ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Dave. This is the first time I have heard about Australian Damper. It was fun to make, tasty and a bit messy, especially when camping. I know you and Sue are avid adventurers. Possibly something for you to try one day. Thank you for your kind comment about the photos. Especially coming from you.


    1. We had a lot of fun, Norah. We even ate the rejected dampers. Still tasty, very hungry, or both. I had recently heard about damper from a few Australian blogging friends. We will definitely make it again.🙂

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  29. Hi Erica – loved reading this … amused me – lightened my day as the buckets fall out of the dark grey sky … literally buckets of the stuff!! So pleased you had that great holiday and were able to enjoy special time with Chuck and your van. Brilliant idea to take the fondue with you … and lots of vino … and walks … I’ve been to 100 mile beach … amazing place. Take care – Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Hilary, I have heard about the buckets that fall out of your grey skies. I don’t know whether it is similar to living on our West Coast? We were lucky to get away to Long Beach camping again this year. Unplugged, reading, fondue, wine, and only the sounds of the ocean. Bliss. 🙂

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  30. Actually the rain in your neck of the worlds is probably worse (almost certainly!) – but when it ‘buckets’ here it’s not usual. Also your rain comes straight down … whereas here ours usually swirls around and gets in everwhere … necks, trousers, etc etc ‘ We use raining like stair-rods’!! Good term – well actually they were slanted – the way a Bishop moves on a chess board!! Thankfully I avoided the worst of them … they’ll appear again today … take care – and some cheers being sent your way … Hilary

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  31. Beautiful, beautiful Long Beach. I have only camped there once, circa 1981, and once rented a B&B for the whole family on Thanksgiving weekend in Tofino, in about 2015. I need to get more organized about leaping out of bed on Jan 2 and booking a camping spot for the following season!!!

    Your Australian damper looks very much like the bannock we made over the campfire when we canoed the Bowron Lakes circuit several years ago. In our case, the bannock was much improved with wild blueberries that we picked near our campsite, as well as a bit of sugar that I had brought from home.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jude, We actually debate and mull over whether we should camp at Long Beach each year. It turns out to be a highlight for many reasons. I have never made bannock, although we did have it a few times when we lived in the Yukon many moons ago. Great idea on adding fruit, even to the Australian damper. Despite what it looked like, it was very tasty, and we were hungry. Grateful we live in an area where we can go camping.😊


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