Is Marley The Rat Smarter Than I Am?

Yin and Yang – Sara’s Fur Babies


In Part 1 – The Rat Came Back The Very Next Day  (Part 1 link here) 


Sara feeding Marley baby formula

 You met my daughter, Sara, and Marley the Rat.  You learned how:

  • Sara adopts Marley, a newborn mouse/rat 
  • Marley goes AWOL  
  • Construction has started on the Rat Palace  

2 1/2-year-old Charlie helping build the Rat Palace


Part 2 

Construction Is Completed On Marley’s Rat Palace 



Marley Already Leads A Cushy Lifestyle 

“Clearly, Marley has been enjoying his stay at Chez Sara.” Nancy  Spirit Lights The Way

Last month, Marley went AWOL three times.

He escaped the confines of his cage, exploring the outside world. 

                Sara thought he was a goner.

He chose to return to the sanctuary of his home.

The Rat Palace is an upgrade and a reward for good behaviour.

     “You must let Marley know he’s a King. (I think he knows that already judging by his palace.)” Susan Scott  Garden of Eden


Marley Gets A Roommate


Simba the Rat


Sara:  “So excited!!  Marley is getting a friend.  Adopting Simba from the SPCA this week.”

I did not know you could adopt a rat from the SPCA.

Sara assures me Marley and Simba are both male rats.

Do I believe everything Sara says?

     Sara also thought Marley the rat was a mouse.

Simba the Rat

Do Marley and Simba get Along?


Poor Simba

Marley needs a time out!

Marley is temporarily placed in Rat Jail.

      It is not considered play fighting, when there is blood, bad scratches, excessive hissing and high-pitched squeaking.

Marley’s time out in the Rat Jail

Does Marley Learn His Lesson?

Sara:  “I’m actually blown away at the moment…both rats are cuddling.  First time they’ve been together without fighting.”

Marley and Simba have become friends

Are Rats Smarter Than People?


Rats Are Super Smart

  • Even though the rat brain is smaller and less complex than the human brain, research has shown that the two are remarkably similar in structure and function.
  • Rats are independent, interactive, loyal, affectionate and easily trained.
  • Rats are highly social animals.
  • Rats can recognize their names and respond when called.
  • Some rats are more intelligent than dogs.

           Some rats are smarter than people.

                  Marley is a smart rat.


Should I Stay Or Should I Go?



I read a recent comment from a friend:  “The best time to open the door to the cages we’ve built around ourselves is now.  Live your dreams while you are able.”  Lisa Dorenfest  (comment link)

The hair rose on my arms.  Lisa  is a wise woman.    

I have built a self-imposed cage around me.  The cage door has been open, yet I have been hesitant to venture out.

               This whole COVID-19 thing has thrown me for a loop.

The rules and recommendations vary daily.

Twenty different experts will interpret the guidelines twenty different ways. 

                Should I stay or should I go?

Island View Beach, Vancouver Island

Is Marley The Rat Smarter Than I Am?


I Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Marley 

  • Marley seizes the opportunity to venture outside of his cage. 
  • He explores and interacts with his surroundings.
  • He always returns home knowing his comfortable refuge awaits him. 


The Cage Door Is Open

  • I can leave my home and experience my beautiful surroundings.

  • I can visit my loved ones. 

  • I am grateful to return home to my comfortable sanctuary.

                   Marley teaches me to seize the moment.

                              The opportunity is now.


Sara's Human Family
Sara and her Husband are raising their precious little boys.  My grandsons, 2 1/2-year-old Charlie and 6-month-old Liam



No Regrets

Since learning a few things from Marley, I did go ahead and visit my Mother and family in the Lower Mainland.  

We stayed inside our vehicle on the ferry.  We did the whole social distancing, mask, sanitizer thing.  Always mindful to keep everyone healthy.

We stayed outside and enjoyed a visit while sitting on our lawn chairs.  We slept overnight in our camper.

          It felt good to leave the cage.

It also felt good to return home.

          No regrets.




I wrote this story a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, people in parts of our planet cannot leave home and visit loved ones right now.

I wish I had a Magic Wand.  

Or the Vaccine.  

Whichever comes first.


Quote:  “My mind is the key that sets me free”.   Houdini

Question:  Have you learned anything from your pet?  




I have taken Sara’s quotes throughout this story from her text messages.  Some of the photos are also from Sara’s messages.  The other photos are mine.

“Should I stay or should I go?”    Artist:  The Clash

 “The cat came back the very next day…..We thought he was a goner.”   Original Artist:  Laurie Berkner.  Also recorded by Fred Penner.


Rat Resources:

Rats can be smarter than people

Hidden lives of rats and mice

Why rats make the best pets

Pet rat care information

Pet rat rescue and care


Me with my daughter, Sara

136 thoughts on “Is Marley The Rat Smarter Than I Am?

  1. Again, Erica, I’m so happy for you getting out and seeing nature and your family. It sounds like you were as safe as possible while still getting out and experiencing life. Glad to hear the rats have made up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t heard much about the rats, lately, Christie. I am hoping no news is good news. 🙂 You are right, we are trying to manage both staying safe and living life. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. xx


    1. Thank you, Yvette, Initially, I was shaking my head reading some of my daughter’s texts about Marley and now Simba. I learned a great deal about rats. Not too surprised about my daughter. She does love her Fur family and her Human family.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Fascinating information, Nancy! I just sent it to Sara and family members. How a spirit in this world, even an heroic bomb-sniffing rat can make a huge difference on our planet. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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