My Husband Returns Without His Pants On! We Were In For A Fun Time!

Chuck:  “What do you want for your birthday this year?”  Me: “Go for a Weekend Getaway and attend a Blogger’s Meet Up.”

Chuck gives me a puzzled look.  He does not roll his eyes at me.  One of the reasons we have been married forty plus years.  

Weekend Getaway

Donna and Richard  Blind Date   had kindly invited us to their home this Summer.  Donna had Blogging Buddies, Friends, arriving from out of town.  It would give us all a great opportunity to Meet Up and share many of the thoughts and challenges specific to the blogging and writing community.

I was excited!  I felt like I had already met these ladies, although not In Real Life. I had met them through following and reading their blogs. I already respected and admired them a great deal.  I knew we had lots to talk about.  It was a privilege to be in the company of these inspirational women.

My concern was that my husband had not met anyone in this group.  He was out of his comfort zone.  This Meet Up was his unselfish birthday gift to me.

My worries were all for nothing.  My husband had a great time, too! 


Saturday Morning

We arrived early in the morning to a warm welcome.  The ladies began setting up in the dining room to begin the meeting, our laptops and itineraries placed in front of us.

Chuck went to meet the men in another area of the house.  We heard lots of chatter and laughter.  Five minutes later, Chuck returned with the group and they headed out the door.

                Chuck’s tear away cargo pants had become shorts.  It was the beginning of a fun day!


The Meet Up

Thoughtful, organized Donna led the meeting.  We covered many topics and shared a great deal of information.  I will write a separate post on my takeaways and specific gems.  Right now, my mind is spinning and my brain is full.

                  More importantly, my heart is full.

I had the privilege of being surrounded by smart, kind, supportive women. Mentors.   At all times, I felt accepted and heard.  Opposing opinions were welcome.  Constructive advice given.  We were in a safe place amidst like-minded people, bloggers, friends.  



I could also feel the energy in the room.  Everyone was passionate about how they spend their time.  They care a great deal about their families, their goals, their new endeavours, their life.  A common thread in our conversation was 

                     Life First, Blogging and Writing Second.  


IMG_3228                                        Donna, Ann, Erica, Judith, Janis, Kathy

Sunday Morning Gratitude

Thank you to Judith and Rob for inviting all of us to their home on Sunday morning.  Another opportunity for great food, West Coast scenery and especially for enjoying each other’s company




Thank you to Donna and Richard for all of their preparation and wonderful hospitality.  A common response to Donna’s last post  Blogging Buddies Visit    was how Donna has a knack for noticing the good in people, bringing out the best in them and bringing people together.

                           We all had an amazing time!

Thank you to my husband, Chuck, for his unselfish gift of time with me and the gift of the Blogger’s Meet Up, time with my New Friends.

                          Thank You To Everyone for the Best Birthday Gift!




Blogger’s Meet Up – Vancouver Island – July 20-21, 2019



Jude’s Art:
















88 thoughts on “My Husband Returns Without His Pants On! We Were In For A Fun Time!

    1. Hi Deborah, I wondered whether the title was a little improper, yet, I couldn’t help smiling at how happy he looked when he returned with just his shorts on. Thank you for the birthday wishes:)

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  1. I have made some amazing friends through the blogosphere, a wonderful byproduct that I never imagined when I decided to start a blog. Sounds like a fun time was had by all, and I look forward to hearing all the helpful tidbits you ladies learned from each other.

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    1. Hi Ingrid, When I just jumped in with blogging, I also had no idea about the supportive, thoughtful bloggers I would meet. We covered a lot of topics in our meeting. Specific to blogging/writing and also life philosophy topics. My head is still spinning from all of the information. The feeling of genuine kindness was and is always present. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment:)

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  2. Happy belated birthday, Erica! I love to see all the smiles through your lens. I bet everyone feel younger and rejuvenated at the meet-up. Good friends, good conversations, and the outdoors tend to have that effect on us. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to reading your takeaways and specific gems.

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    1. Hi Natalie, It was definitely a weekend filled with smiles. Your comment on how we feel younger and rejuvenated made me think. You are right. It was an uplifting weekend on many levels. Thank you for your insightful comment and the Birthday Wishes:)


  3. Belated happy Birthday Erica! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. What a lovely gathering – and husbands too. I confess I had a moment’s nervousness about the no pants on, but cargo pants of course! So much for you still to digest. Keep uplifted! and I look forward to your take-aways –

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    1. Hi Susan, The husbands joining in and having fun was actually the icing on my birthday cake. I had debated on the title sounding too risqué, although I kept going back to it and I couldn’t resist. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment:)

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  4. Hi Erica . (and Chuck!) . So glad we not only met you IRL but got to celebrate your birthday with you too. It WAS a great meet up filled with lots of support, ideas and encouragement and that is why these get-togethers are always great. And did I mention it was FUN too? 🙂 . Plus, I agree that it was wonderful how all the spouses got along as well. I look forward to the next time our paths meet. Good friends for sure! ~Kathy (& Thom)

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    1. Hi Kathy, Where do I start?! You are an amazing lady! More so IRL! You are passionate, positive, thoughtful and fun! I have the lavender sachet in front of me in my writing space as part of my Feng Shui:) Thank you!

      One of comments used the word “uplifted.” It was truly an uplifting meeting on many levels.

      Thank you for helping make my birthday extra special. I am sure we will see each other again. Wonderful to meet Thom, too. I look forward to watching some of your new projects develop. Fun! xo


  5. What a lovely gift. I have certainly experienced the hesitancy of a partner to engage in such a gathering. Wish I could have been there for the fun. Glad to hear that you both had a good time. I follow Ann, Donna, and Janis and will go introduce myself to the others!

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    1. Hi Lisa, Nice to hear from you! My husband was kind about this weekend trip. He had an amazing time, too. As he had mentioned, the only thing the guys initially had in common was blogging wives. Within five minutes they felt comfortable with each other and had a fun time. Huge husband points added! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and I look forward to catching up where you are on our planet, Lisa:)

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Ann. It was great to have your input and perspective. I am sure you will do fine wherever you choose to live. As we know, home is where you are. I am sure we will stay connected:)

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    1. Hi Winnie, I was wondering whether the title would come across slightly improper. Although, it keeps making me smile. It would be nice to meet one day. Always nice to connect via writing, too. You have a positive and inspirational site, Winnie:)

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    1. Thanks, Marty. I debated on the title since I didn’t want to come across as inappropriate. It always made me smile. Fun at the Meet Up. You are always welcome to attend! Thank you for sharing the interesting email. I look forward to learning more and I will share any gems from this end:)

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  6. An innocent question: “What do you want for your birthday?”

    With over 40 years of being together I have finally learned to ask her. I expected her to say “nothing, I already bought a new fitbit ” and I could go about my usual tasks of finding gift certificates for massages, winners, MEC, Lulu lemon, etc. You know, her favorite things.

    Her unexpected reply: “All I want is for you to join me at a blogger get-together.”


    After picking myself up off the floor, the realization of what she said dawned on me. She wanted me to meet new people. My fight or flight response kicked in. I’ve read those stories of couples disappearing after arranging meetings with people over the internet only to be found weeks or months later. Or cultists, looking for new recruits. OMG what has she gotten me into! OK, settle down.

    In a worse case scenario, there’s a Canadian Tire store in the town where we are meeting or I could always go for a walk on the beach. I’m in.

    The morning we are leaving I switch from my dress pants to my clean cargo pants and off we go. Comfort before beauty. It’s who I am.

    We arrive at Donna and Richards. Pleasantries exchanged. I noticed a picture of two dogs (a good sign). We meet Janis and Paul. Everyone seems normal. Kathy and Thom arrive. Again, normal. Hmmm.

    The wives are busy setting up their computers. Their agendas set, list of questions at the ready. They are chomping at the bit, ready to engage and learn. That’s when I noticed all the guys are all casual in shorts. I’m down with it. Off come my pants (or at least the cargo pants legs).

    So what are we going to do? We just met and the only apparent thing we have in common is being married to bloggers. Richard suggests going to the sand sculpting competition and maybe lunch at Shady’s pub and restaurant. With a name like that, who can resist. We go about doing what guys do best. We drink, we chat, we have no agenda. At one point, Paul says to me: “You haven’t stopped smiling since I met you.” I reply: “It’s because I’m retired.” Truth is, I’m relieved.

    After a long walk on the beach. We meet up with the ladies for a bbq and drinks. There,I got to meet Ann from Hornby and I got a passing glimpse of Jude. Hey Jude….. bet you never heard that one before. As the evening closed a question was asked: “What is the most memorable thing that happened for you today?” I replied sincerely: “Meeting all of you folks.”

    My joy continued the next day when we had the opportunity to meet up with Judith and Rob for lunch, followed by a walk through the woods and an impromptu surprise birthday party for Erica/Erika.


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    1. Chuck
      What a lovely comment you left. We get a glimpse into the man E/E married. It’s great that you offered up your perspective here – that is another gift!

      Susan Grace

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    2. Funny stuff, Chuck! Get your own blog! Now, I won’t be able to complain (oops, talk about) you. Maybe a sort of cult? I notice how you wrote “clean” cargo pants. I am ultimately a “caring” wife. Glad everyone was “normal.” Glad your pants came off! xo

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  7. Happy belated birthday, Erica! What a wonderful gift from your husband. I knew sweet Donna would be a wonderful hostess. She even made sure everyone had their own bottle of wine, too. She thinks of everything! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and experience. I’m jealous! 🙂

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    1. Hi Jill, Thank you for your lovely comment. Donna and Richard’s hospitality made us all feel very welcome. No lack of wine and food, along with great company, the makings of a fun party! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes:)

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    1. Hi Terri, I think you were in one of the first photos I saw of past Meet Ups. You set the bar high with the wine:) It is amazing although not surprising how the husbands have fun, too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)

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  8. Happy belated birthday – what a wonderful present. Priceless! And it doesn’t take up physical space or is something you’d need to return to exchange for something better. I’m still smiling – you’re all lucky to have found each other here in the blogosphere!


  9. Your husband sounds like a keeper 🙂 That was a very thoughtful and unselfish gift!! I won’t have to ask if you had a great birthday 😉

    What a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend in the company of like-minded people, sharing ideas and thoughts, laughter, great conversation, and from the looks of those wine bottles, I suspect a few shenanigans 🙂

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    1. Hi Joanne, It was an amazing group of women. Diverse backgrounds, although we had a great deal in common. It would be fun to meet up with you if all falls into place for next year. A huge smile on the shenanigans!


      1. It’s actually looking really good for next year. My husband and son did get spots at Ironman Penticton and we will definitely be going to BC at the end of August. Now I just have to work out the logistics of going to Vancouver Island the week before and then connecting with them in Penticton for the race.

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        1. Hi Joanne, I am trying to find out the best way to PM you, contact you? Possibly send me a note via my Contact page and we can communicate. Great news re: your out West note:)


  10. This is awesome – a full heart and a great birthday celebration (and a kind, thoughtful husband); kindred spirits – got to love it!!

    Susan Grace

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  11. What a wonderful opportunity and good on you (and that lovely husband of yours) for being brave enough to hook up with all these ladies – and you certainly reaped the rewards. I can imagine the love, laughter and encouragement that would have been there in boundless supply (and I wish I lived a bit closer!) Glad your husband only lost part of his pants in the encounter xx

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    1. Big smile, Leanne, on how my husband lost only part of his pants. The Meet Up was interesting, uplifting and fun on many levels. It does help that a few of us live within a few hours of each other. It was a treat to meet Kathy and Janis travelling from afar. Donna’s kind, thoughtful gesture to have us all get together is a highlight of my Summer! Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Leanne:)


  12. It’s always so good to read of these blogger meetups Erica, I’m so glad you all enjoyed the time together and that the husband’s had enough fun to take his pants off!!! Great title by the way 🙂

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    1. Thank you Debbie for making me smile again. I didn’t want to sound risqué although I could not let go of the title. I love reading about your Meet Ups. I think we are all curious about the bloggers In Real Life:)

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  13. Firstly, happy birthday! Secondly, I love the title of this post and thirdly, I wish I’d been there…it sounded like a fabulous weekend was had. There’s not much better than being in a great place with like-minded people. And the fact that the husbands got on was just gold.

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    1. Hi Jo, I had debated on the title, and I am glad I stayed with it. Nothing risqué, I am an old, married woman after all😉 I agree, the husbands getting along was the icing. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes:)

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  14. Haha Erica, you had at the title! But in all seriousness I loved this post! What a wonderful idea and even better that you all did it. There is such a great feeling of joy and sharing and community which comes across from this get together, I am just smiling ear to ear.

    Do you all live relatively close to each other?

    I have been fortunate to meet two of the inspiring women whose blogs I follow. Both came to Sri Lanka and both were invited to stay with us and both accepted (at different times….). Both experiences were absolute highlights. It is an interesting phenomenon meeting interesting and inspiring people through their blogs. Yes, we are technically strangers, but no we don’t feel that way. We even know how each other thinks… We certainly know their interests and attitudes in life and most likely if we are reading each other, we enjoy that process.

    And our husband gets the medal for being open to new experiences.And as well, it is VERY clear how much he loves you. One of my favorite definitions of love is that we try to do whatever it is that would make our partner happy. Ie, what they want for themselves is what we try to give.

    Wonderful. i do follow two of the other blogs mentioned here, and when i can I will check out the others as well.



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    1. Hi Peta, I was hoping the title was not too improper, although It continued to make me smile.

      A few of us live within a couple of hours of each other. Two of the ladies come from a much further distance. They had become friends with each other and planned this Meet Up along with a Summer vacation.

      I am with you, Peta, on how these experiences are an interesting phenomenon. I am also in awe how we are technically strangers, yet we know them, find them interesting and admire and respect them. For me, it was somewhat surreal, yet fun!

      You brought tears to my eyes when you said how my husband (and the other husbands:) clearly show love when they try to make their partners happy. Ultimately it enriches their lives, too.

      Thank you Peta, for your very kind, insightful, and thoughtful comment. 💕


  15. Absolutely amazingly wonderful. I am (I’ll admit) jealous. What a fabulous way to meet up with blogging buddies, even if some of them you’ve never met ‘in person.’ We open ourselves so honestly and sincerely in our blogs and our writing that we DO in most ways know each other so well. Thanks for sharing this great get-together. Fun title, too. 🙂

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    1. Hi Pam, I was initially on the fence about a title, thinking this one may be inappropriate. I am now glad I stayed with it.

      It was serendipity that brought Donna and I together. She was very kind to organize this Meet Up. I agree with you, how we open ourselves so honestly. I do feel I “know” the bloggers. I find I am curious to meet them In Real Life. It was a surreal and even emotional experience. The community is very supportive.

      I greatly appreciate you reading and commenting, Pam:)


  16. What an eye-catching blog title! It made me smile. I’ve also been fortunate to meet a few fellow bloggers through the years–it’s always so much fun and so bonding. It sounds like your fellow bloggers are the best! So happy to hear what a nice time you all had

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    1. Hi Pat, Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment. I really wanted to make a point of attending this Meet Up, because I was curious, honoured to be invited, and deep down I knew it would be fun. Nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting your site:) Erica


  17. Great title, Erica (you can forget what I said about too-long titles 🙂 )! Now that we are back home and have predictable wifi, I am catching up on my blog reading and commenting. It was great to meet you and Chuck and, as an added bonus, help you to celebrate your birthday. So fun to read Chuck’s comment… I’m glad he enjoyed himself as much as Paul did. I love that picture of our hubbies enjoying the evening out on Donna’s patio.

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    1. Hi Janis, We were out of cell range, camping this past week and I am also beginning my catching up:) I really liked the picture of Paul and Chuck, too. Chuck had a lot of fun and I even hear him talk about the weekend to friends. We both enjoyed the Meet Up😊 I hope the rest of your trip went well and I look forward to reading all of the updates:)


  18. What a wonderful time you all had together, with or without pants. 🙂 I’m happy this birthday gift was an incredible success and certainly one to remember. I have met some of your blogging buddies in person and couldn’t agree more with your impression of the group! All amazing women. And the men aren’t half bad either. 🙂 I wish I could have been there as well.

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    1. Hi Liesbet, Out of cell range this past week, camping and I am catching up online. Your name came up a few times, Liesbet (in a good way:) when you joined the ladies at a past Meet Up. You understand first hand how much fun and interesting it is to spend time with these women. You are right about the men. My husband having a good time was the icing on the birthday cake🙂

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  19. I came over from Retirement Reflections. Looked like such a lovely blogger meetup. Also really like your common theme – life first, blogging second. That is so important – so much to enjoy in life, so much to live and so many stories to experience and then we can always share it on here. I’ve met a few bloggers in real life here in Australia, and each of them are so down to earth 🙂 That was a very fun title and tea away cargo pants can be very convenient in the summer 😀

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    1. Hi Mabel, Nice to meet you:). I just returned from a camping trip not in cell range. Your comment is very appropriate (especially after camping) on reinforcing life first and blogging second. You are the first person who has used the phrase as bloggers being “down to earth.” I really like this. You are right. When we actually met, it was a comfortable experience.

      Thank you for your kind comment on the title. I played with various titles and I continued to come back to this one.

      Thank you for stopping by and your thoughtful comment. I look forward to reading your site:) Erica


      1. So lovely to hear you went on a camping trip – escaping from the real work and enjoying life as it is. We all need time like that. Bloggers are very real people, at least most of us here on WordPress who blog just because we like blogging and sharing what we want to share.

        Enjoy the rest of your summer, Erica 🙂

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    1. Nice to meet you, Sam, I did not know what to expect from the Meet Up and it was much more fun and interesting than I could have imagined. Thank you for reading and commenting:) I just subscribed to your site and I briefly read a few of your posts. Amazing photos! I look forward to reading more:)

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    1. Nice to meet you Jaya, I have been reading some of your varied, interesting and beautiful posts and poetry.💕 It is a privilege to meet up with fellow bloggers. Always better and more fun in person. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment. 😀

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