Please Join Me At SMARTLiving 365 – I look forward to seeing you there!

I was honoured to be invited to contribute a guest post on Kathy Gottberg’s informative and inspirational blog  SMARTLiving365     SMART is an acronym for Sustainable, Meaningful, Aware, Responsible, Thankful. 

Kathy is passionate about positive aging, exploring new ideas, educating and sharing information.  Her articles are thought-provoking, relatable and filled with information encouraging us to be our best selves. If you have not had a chance to visit Kathy’s blog, I highly recommend you check it out.  I know you will appreciate the articles as much as I do.

I wrote the “Sliding Doors” story in November, 2018.  It is a story close to my heart since we celebrated our 40th Anniversary last Fall.  Have you had a “Sliding Door” moment in your life?

via    Sliding Doors – How Would Your Life Be Different If You Had Taken The Other Door?


25 thoughts on “Please Join Me At SMARTLiving 365 – I look forward to seeing you there!

    1. Hi Donna, Thank you for your kind comment. You are an inspiration to me. I appreciate your support. Computer, paper, pen, notes ready. Let the games begin. (did I mention chilled wine ready:) Looking forward to our Meet Up!


    1. I agree on the time thing, Joanne. I remember celebrating our 25th and then our 40th. Time is definitely precious. You have alluded to a possible trip our West? Would be nice. Just sayin’ 😊


      1. I’m hoping. I’m planning.
        Originally I thought I could swing a trip west this fall, but it more likely will be next year.
        Ironman will be back in Penticton next year at the end of August. My oldest son has already secured a spot and my husband is hoping for one when general registration opens on Monday.
        If he gets a spot, I hope to do what I did last year in Quebec when they raced. I would go out a week early to Vancouver Island to do my hiking or cycling thing and then meet them in Penticton for the race 🙂

        If I can pull it off I predict a big blogger fest in August 2020 🙂

        Now just keep your fingers crossed that my husband gets a spot on Monday. Penticton was always a very popular race and traditionally sold out quickly.

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        1. Thanks for the update, Joanne. I just returned from a WONDERFUL bloggers Meet Up on many levels all this weekend. You will likely read updates from all of us. I don’t want to give anything away. It would be wonderful if you make it to the island. Everyone’s schedule is all over the place, although, I would love to connect. I think I heard Penticton reinstated the Ironman. Wonderful for your son, and I have my fingers crossed for your husband. We will stay connected:)

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    1. Hi Natalie, You did make me smile on confirming I am not a robot. I am never sure until I complete the test:) Thank you always for your supportive, positive comments:)


      1. I think the robot part is a fun little puzzle. I don’t mind it at all:) I learn a great deal from you, Kathy and it will be fun to eventually read everyone’s take on the Meet Up (for those who choose to write a post) Thankful I met you when I opened one of the doors:)


    1. Hi Winnie, I don’t see your comment on Kathy’s site yet. She is travelling right now and I think the comments don’t show up right away, although they will. And Winnie, you are always emitting a positive light into this world. I hope you feel better soon:)

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  1. Interesting post Erica! Was it fate, was it meant to be, who knows? I enjoy learning about parallel universes and quantum physics. As I said in your guest post over at Kathy’s blog, sometimes when I look back at my life I think about certain things that HAD to happen in order for other things to become what it became. I hope someday we will know ALL of the answers 🙂

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    1. Hi Dee, I started to read about parallel universes and quantum physics and all interesting and possible, yet confusing to wrap my brain around this topic. I agree with you, how there must be some sort of order especially for us to have the children we have in our lives. They were meant to enter this world and become part of our lives. Thank you for reading and your very thoughtful comment:)

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  2. Hi Erica! Just popped by to thank you again for filling in by doing this week’s guest post on SMART Living. It makes it so nice while traveling to be able to share something so interesting and touching on the site and not have to do the work. If I can ever help you out in return, just let me know. ~Kathy

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  3. I love the movie Sliding Doors and loved this post. I often wonder about destiny and the choices we make – whether it’s our destiny to make that choice and take that path or whether in making that choice and taking that path we determined the destiny. Thanks for giving me something (other than what I should be doing at work) to read on a Monday morning 🙂

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    1. Hi Joanne, It was interesting to read the initial story about this movie. Peter Howitt was the writer and director of the film. According to various google resources, he wanted to make a quick phone call, crossed the road to access a phone booth and was almost hit by a car, within an inch of him. This event led him to think about how an everyday occurrence like crossing a road, although a few seconds different in time. Then split the resulting scenarios in two and follow two stories, same person. We have all had moments like this. I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts:)


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