Which one of your Senses would you miss the most?



These types of questions do not truly resonate until they hit close to home, directly affecting you or your loved ones, affecting a special little girl in our lives.

This past summer I listened to a powerful, riveting interview with Amy Purdy, the Paralympic medalist for snowboarding. She contracted a form of bacterial meningitis leading to septic shock, her legs amputated below the knee, and other serious health complications.  Amy Purdy described her near death experience.  When she was on “her last breath”,  “moving to the edge”,  she thought about the people she loved and all she loved about life, especially “all the sensory stuff….. the smell of rain…..the sound of ocean waves”.     

Every day, since listening to that interview, I have been keenly aware of my senses, and what I will miss when I leave this body.  I have observed more details in my surroundings, the scent of rosemary needles outside the yoga studio, how good that hug really feels and hummingbirds actually create a lot of sound.

Which one of my senses would I miss the most?  I have decided that it is my intuition, my gut feeling, my inner voice, that has had the greatest impact in my life. 

 Listening to my intuition has steered me in the right direction (when I have paid attention to it).  It led me to a move I made that changed the trajectory of my life.  It is how I met my life partner.  It is how I chose a career I loved for 25 years.  My life would likely have taken a very different course if I had always listened to the analytical part of my brain processing information from my other senses. 

 In retrospect, I have not always made the best decisions when I relied on cognitive reasoning, pros and cons deductions, other people’s well-intentioned advice………I should have listened to my gut.

As to the special little girl in our lives…..we were advised early on (before birth) that our little 2 1/2 year old may not see or hear.  We are very thankful this little girl sees well, always with a twinkle in her eye.  Her hearing is just fine, when she chooses to listen and this is confirmed by her witty responses and her “I can do it all by myself”.

Most of all, I hope she will pay attention to her sense of intuition to help guide her throughout her life.  I hope she listens to her inner voice to follow her dreams, help her through life’s adversities and life’s joys, to surround herself with the people she loves and who love her.


22 thoughts on “Which one of your Senses would you miss the most?

  1. I love how you include ‘intuition’ as one of our human senses. I couldn’t agree more and appreciate the reminder to practice listening and trust my gut feeling. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Erica! 🙏❤️

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    1. Learning ins and outs of WordPress………..unsure, how and whether to respond to “Anonymous” – no clues in my email inbox either who you are – I can appreciate being “Anonymous” – anyways………you sound like a friend and a nice person…………long story short……..Thank you! It was Amy Purdy on a podcast interview that really made me think…..thanks for your input 🙏


  2. Erica, how very thought provoking & wonderfully expressed! I had decided long ago that vision was the sense that I would not want to be without. Knowing only from FB about your granddaughter’s early vision issue, I quickly assumed that that’s where you were going with this topic. I never even considered intuition (as a sense) but couldn’t agree with you more. Intuition has also served me well and despite that, I still suppress it at times. I feel like your blog, this one in particular, has come into my life at the right time. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Cathy for your comment. I had listened to the Amy Purdy interview as part of a Supersoul podcast. It’s been very much in my radar about what my granddaughter would miss, if she did not have her vision and her hearing. I then started to think about our senses in general…….the brain/gut relationship. I am still working on this one, too………hindsight is 20/20. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Pam, Very beautifully said! I realize hindsight is 20/20. Yet, when I look back on some of my decisions, it was my gut feelings that did not lead me astray. Thank you for your lovely comment:)


  3. My “gut instinct” is a “sense” I would not like to lose and one I am continuing to develop. It has undoubtedly made travelling and dealing with people much more manageable. If only I had fine-tuned it as a 20 something! I honestly don’t think it would be advantageous to lose any “senses” having said that when one is lost the others become stronger. I wonder if their intuition would be the strongest?.

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    1. Hi Natalie, Our little girl does have one “glass” eye (better, realistic materials now) and her other eye has great vision. Scary when we thought she may not see at all. Very thankful and protective of her one eye. You have travelled extensively and likely honed your intuition and street sense. I sent you a personal email, too. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment:)


  4. I already live without one of our senses … smell. I’ve never had it so don’t really miss it. I’d miss sight/vision the most. I can’t imagine living in a world of darkness.

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    1. Hi Min, Interesting how you say that you likely don’t miss your sense of smell, since you never had it. You likely have stories on when you first found out you didn’t have this sense. My little granddaughter has one glass eye, although the materials are much better now and very realistic. The right eye sees very well. Vision has been in our radar, and I have thought lots about how life would be different if she could not see. Thanks for reading and your thoughtful comment:) Erica #MLSTL


  5. I hadn’t thought of intuition as one of the senses Erica – and it’s one I need to develop (I’m way too logically focused) I also appreciate my sight and my hearing – but without touch, taste, or smell I think life would be very dull indeed. God made us this way for a reason 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Hi Leanne, I gave our senses a lot of thought especially before our granddaughter was born and afterwards. She has one artificial eye and one good eye. You are right about how all of our senses are important and we have them for a reason. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Thank you for your help with my inaugural #MLSTL post. It has already given me an opportunity to meet some very interesting bloggers and fun!🙂


  6. My mother would have told you sight. She spent the last 20 years of her life affected by macular degeneration and the last 10 not being able to read a book unless it was on tape. As for me, somedays I think sight, then other days I think hearing. And since I’ve heard of someone who doesn’t have the ability to taste anything, I think of that as well. I just bounce back and forth between all, I guess.

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    1. Hi Jennifer, I have given my senses a lot of thought the past few years. I agree with you, I would likely miss them all. Very difficult for your Mom, especially when she was used to having her sight. You remind me not to take anything for granted:)


  7. I’ve never really considered intuition or that gut instinct as a thing but you’re right. It has helped me make decisions when i’ve wavered over them, this is really interesting.

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    1. Hi Lorraine, I am thankful my little granddaughter does have her vision. She has one artificial eye that looks very realistic. Technology is amazing. I am with you, on how my gut instinct usually sends me in the right direction. Thank you for your thoughtful comment:) Erica


  8. Hi Erica,
    Very thought-provoking post, since I never considered instinct as one of the senses.
    We all usually think of sight, hearing, touch etc as the senses.
    But the gut feeling is something above all these in a sense.
    (MLSTL participant. Shared the post on my social media.)
    — Pradeep | bpradeepnair.blogspot.com

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    1. Hi Pradeep, I hadn’t given my senses too much thought until we were expecting our little granddaughter. I agree with you that the gut feeling is “something above.” Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for sharing. I look forward to checking out your site:) Erica


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