My Ultimate Favourite Meal and Wine Glasses From Hell

The Calendar Says January 19th

 This date should mean something to me?

 As coffee does its morning magic…

… a big smile.

It is my 774-month-old birthday today.  

           A reason to celebrate!  

Death Row Meal

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with a group of fun, smart and interesting friends every week on Zoom.

This week it was my turn to select the topic and I chose a lighthearted theme.

                 What is your death row meal? 

This is a game we played when we used to have friends and family of all ages over for dinner.

The answers are often surprising and great for laughs and learning more about each other.

A big realization…

I have not had my ultimate favourite meal in over three years!

“If Not Now, Then When?”

This same week I read an interesting and inspirational blog post written by Leanne Le Cras, titled

“It’s Never Too Late To Buy A Scooter.”

Leanne has a gift for sharing information and gems woven with wisdom and humour.

One phrase especially resonated with me.  

       “If not now, then when?”

Leanne’s article talks about “The Joy In The Little Things.”

I often say “yes” to activities and adventures.

Yet, I find myself saving many little things for the future.

  • My favourite candles, brand new, unlit on the counter.
  • My favourite running socks, brand new, sitting in the closet.
  • An unopened journal, too beautiful to write in.
  • Wine glasses we bought in a place called “Hell” in Germany, twenty years ago. Still sitting untouched in our china cabinet.

              “If not now, then when?”

Today’s Hike

My daughter and I planned this hike for today, not realizing it was my 64 1/2-year-old birthday.

Last time I was at Kinsol Trestle we were on the lookout for licorice trees.

That was in the beginning of March, 2020. 

We were blissfully unaware how our life would significantly change over the next two weeks.

Today, driving in separate vehicles, safely adapting.

Today, in awe of our breathtaking surroundings.

Today, enjoying precious time with each other.


Birthdays and special occasions bring to the forefront the passage of time.

A time for reflection and reevaluation.

How am I living my life?  

What is not working?  What does not feel right.

What is working?  What does feel right?

8 Thoughts on Today’s Evening Walk

1.  I will only wear comfortable bras for the rest of my life.

2.  Stretching every day is important. My back can easily go out when I help carry a 5-year-old home on the trail.  After all, I am 64 1/2.

3.  My body always responds before my mind catches up.  Listen to the wisdom of my body.

4. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” (Maya Angelou) 

5.  When my heart sings, and my spirit soars, I will keep doing that thing.

6.  Why does an act of kindness and a beautiful song always bring tears to my eyes?

7. Good friends and family are a precious gift.  They are the bounce in my step. 

8.  Life will significantly change for all of us in one brief second.

As For My Death Row Meal?  

Pizza!  And not just any pizza…

Spinach Special! Garlic butter, fresh spinach, feta, parmesan, mozzarella & cheddar with a special blend of eggs, leeks & herbs.

I will indulge in this ultimate, exquisite pleasure before my 780-month-old birthday in six months.   Another milestone.

Along with an exceptional bottle of wine poured into our wine glasses from Hell.  

                Every day is a reason to celebrate.

Do you have a Death Row Meal?  An ultimate, favourite food?

Do you have items you are saving for the future?

Behind the Scenery

  • Death row meal and wine glasses from Hell?

      The irony has not escaped me.

  • “Hell” is in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.  We painstakingly transported these wine glasses in our knapsacks.
  • Alisha Winder (my daughter): Monthly photos credit. Awesome Mother and Daughter credit. ❤️
  • About the Kinsol Trestle:  The Kinsol Trestle is also known as the Koksilah River Trestle.  It is one of the highest wooden railway trestles in the world. It provides a spectacular crossing of the Koksilah River. Kinsol Trestle