My Ultimate Favourite Meal and Wine Glasses From Hell

The Calendar Says January 19th

 This date should mean something to me?

 As coffee does its morning magic…

… a big smile.

It is my 774-month-old birthday today.  

           A reason to celebrate!  

Death Row Meal

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with a group of fun, smart and interesting friends every week on Zoom.

This week it was my turn to select the topic and I chose a lighthearted theme.

                 What is your death row meal? 

This is a game we played when we used to have friends and family of all ages over for dinner.

The answers are often surprising and great for laughs and learning more about each other.

A big realization…

I have not had my ultimate favourite meal in over three years!

“If Not Now, Then When?”

This same week I read an interesting and inspirational blog post written by Leanne Le Cras, titled

“It’s Never Too Late To Buy A Scooter.”

Leanne has a gift for sharing information and gems woven with wisdom and humour.

One phrase especially resonated with me.  

       “If not now, then when?”

Leanne’s article talks about “The Joy In The Little Things.”

I often say “yes” to activities and adventures.

Yet, I find myself saving many little things for the future.

  • My favourite candles, brand new, unlit on the counter.
  • My favourite running socks, brand new, sitting in the closet.
  • An unopened journal, too beautiful to write in.
  • Wine glasses we bought in a place called “Hell” in Germany, twenty years ago. Still sitting untouched in our china cabinet.

              “If not now, then when?”

Today’s Hike

My daughter and I planned this hike for today, not realizing it was my 64 1/2-year-old birthday.

Last time I was at Kinsol Trestle we were on the lookout for licorice trees.

That was in the beginning of March, 2020. 

We were blissfully unaware how our life would significantly change over the next two weeks.

Today, driving in separate vehicles, safely adapting.

Today, in awe of our breathtaking surroundings.

Today, enjoying precious time with each other.


Birthdays and special occasions bring to the forefront the passage of time.

A time for reflection and reevaluation.

How am I living my life?  

What is not working?  What does not feel right.

What is working?  What does feel right?

8 Thoughts on Today’s Evening Walk

1.  I will only wear comfortable bras for the rest of my life.

2.  Stretching every day is important. My back can easily go out when I help carry a 5-year-old home on the trail.  After all, I am 64 1/2.

3.  My body always responds before my mind catches up.  Listen to the wisdom of my body.

4. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” (Maya Angelou) 

5.  When my heart sings, and my spirit soars, I will keep doing that thing.

6.  Why does an act of kindness and a beautiful song always bring tears to my eyes?

7. Good friends and family are a precious gift.  They are the bounce in my step. 

8.  Life will significantly change for all of us in one brief second.

As For My Death Row Meal?  

Pizza!  And not just any pizza…

Spinach Special! Garlic butter, fresh spinach, feta, parmesan, mozzarella & cheddar with a special blend of eggs, leeks & herbs.

I will indulge in this ultimate, exquisite pleasure before my 780-month-old birthday in six months.   Another milestone.

Along with an exceptional bottle of wine poured into our wine glasses from Hell.  

                Every day is a reason to celebrate.

Do you have a Death Row Meal?  An ultimate, favourite food?

Do you have items you are saving for the future?

Behind the Scenery

  • Death row meal and wine glasses from Hell?

      The irony has not escaped me.

  • “Hell” is in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.  We painstakingly transported these wine glasses in our knapsacks.
  • Alisha Winder (my daughter): Monthly photos credit. Awesome Mother and Daughter credit. ❤️
  • About the Kinsol Trestle:  The Kinsol Trestle is also known as the Koksilah River Trestle.  It is one of the highest wooden railway trestles in the world. It provides a spectacular crossing of the Koksilah River. Kinsol Trestle


171 thoughts on “My Ultimate Favourite Meal and Wine Glasses From Hell

  1. This is such an entertaining post, Erica. Tremendously enjoyed your reflections. That is quite a death row meal, special spinach pizza with different cheeses. You have got me wanting to try some. I haven’t thought about my death row meal. Not that you mention it, it will probably be something along the lines of truffle oil pizza or some steamed Chinese dumplings. Or ice-cream. Or maybe all since well, a meal can consist of different dishes and courses!

    I also like having some things unopened at home. Like you, I have a few journals that are lovely and just waiting for the right moment for me to write in them. If ever need a journal, I conveniently got one on hand. And I always got spare socks in the closet because socks wear out so easily.
    Hope you have been well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mabel, Truffle oil pizza sounds wonderful. I have had truffle oil on fries in the past and a real treat. I am also a fan of good quality ice cream. I think I still would find it difficult to open a beautiful new journal and write in it. Presently I use the school lined paper for hand writing. Then, of course, we have our keyboards. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I greatly enjoyed your recent post. Take care, Mabel and we will connect again soon.


  2. What a lovely post, Erika. I really enjoyed reading it. I thought you weren’t going to tell us what your favourite pizza is. My mom like spinach and feta too, but ours isn’t as fancy as yours. Your pictures are gorgeous and remind us that life is to be enjoyed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Robbie, Thank you for your kind, supportive words. This particular spinach pizza has been my favourite for the last two decades. I do like/love other food items. We have pizza on rare occasions, which likely makes it more of a treat. Thank you for visiting here and sharing your thoughts, especially with your busy family/work schedule and your many irons in the fire. I hope you and your loved ones are well.


  3. I love your reminders that the only time we are assured of is right now! Now I am thinking about what my death row meal would be. I think maybe spaghetti with clam sauce and a salad with lemon oil dressing. And fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert!

    I had to do the math to figure out what your 774 month birthday is! 🙂

    I am only going to wear comfortable bras for the rest of my life too. And shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A few events occurred within a couple of days that made me reevaluate and prioritize my direction and decisions. As you are aware, Laurie, life throws us lessons. My daughter and I giggled for ages trying to take a photo of me with the 774 month sign. Many outtakes. I am drooling thinking about your meal! I have not had clam sauce for ages and I just now put clams on my grocery list. And, what’s not to love about fresh strawberry shortcake. It is funny the things we think about running/walking. As your blog name suggests, Laurie, Meditations in Motion. Thank you for sharing your supportive words.😀


  4. I can’t believe I missed your fun post until now! But that’s okay – I needed your fun post NOW. Nodding my head at so many things (and thinking about the scooter – should I get a scooter??? Boy that sounds like fun). But no scooter right now because we have at least a foot of snow on the ground and it’s snowing with perhaps another half a foot at least by the end of the Super Bowl. Super – your half birthday and your “death row” meal. Can I sit with you – and perhaps dine with you – then? Except I’d have to ask to curtail the garlic in the pizza. My guy is allergic to garlic (yup, and he’s half Italian) so we always have to order everything “no garlic please” which believe me is not easily done. But lastly, yes yes yes, only comfortable bras from now on! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snow is pretty, yet enough is enough, as Spring begins to peak through. I was hesitant about using the term “Death Row Meal” since I did not want to offend anyone, yet it is a pretty common term. Allergic to garlic is not a good thing, Pam, and scary for you and your husband. A week later, my husband and I celebrated his half birthday with sushi and saki. A few events happened within a couple of days that helped me prioritize my life, again. Ergo, celebrating half birthdays and every day. Thanks for sharing your good wishes and supportive words, Pam. xo 🙂


  5. So much to love in this post, Erica, starting with the fact that you celebrate your six-month birthdays. And why not? Every day is a gift, right? We need to make more room for celebration. I plan to print your 8 thoughts and post them where I will see them often as a reminder to myself to do the same. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. As far as my death row meal…I’m going to have to think on that…but I know I love broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts and a good filet from Ruth’s Chris…of course, I love pasta too. And there will definitely be wine. And dessert. And coffee. I may start thinking of Saturday night dinners as my last meal (of the week) and making sure I am eating my favorite foods more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I woke up to your wonderful comment this morning, Christie, and I greatly appreciate your kindness and positivity. I am now beginning my day with a smile. This half birthday thing was a new whim this January, yet I think we will turn it into a tradition. We celebrated my husband’s half birthday the following week. The cheese stuffed chicken breasts are high on my list, too. And, excellent, coffee, desserts…might as well go for it. 🙂Thank you for sharing your thoughts.💕


  6. I missed many posts in December and January. I surely missed this fun post, Erica! We have friends who celebrate the unbirthday in midyear of their birthdays. So I thought you celebrated your 64 1/2 unbirthday. This is the first time I heard of the Death Row Meal, but it sounds extraordinary. Your meal of the pizza sounds like the pizza I like for a very very special occasion. My husband makes a homemade pizza because any restaurant or store pizza has more crust than what we could eat. We prefer ultra-thin crust. I probably asked my husband to make a pizza next time with your ingredients.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Miriam, Family and In Real Life always takes priority. Everything seemed to fall into place on the morning of my 64 1/2 year old birthday. I was heading to my daughter’s place for a hike and we thought the monthly photo op would be fun. Reading about your husband making pizza already makes me drool all over my laptop. I hope all is well with you and loved ones. Have a great weekend.xx


  7. Erica, my grandmother always used to say that nice things are meant to be used, not just looked at. So I have always tried to use my things rather than only display them. As you say, it can be hard to bring oneself to write in a beautiful new journal. Here are some strategies that have worked for me: Use a good pen and my best handwriting on the first page. Start with a meaningful quotation as the first entry. Start on the second page, leaving the first one blank. Write with a pencil so that if you make an error on the first page, you can rub it out. A friend once gave me a lovely journal and I found it hard to write in it at first. However, I finally decided to use it as a poetry journal, and once I started writing in it, I wrote a lot more poetry than I had written for years. I miss our chats.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You remind me, Jude, how I have a few journals I have not opened. I put this on a reminder note yesterday and I need to remedy this. I had not thought about using a pencil. I have to start somewhere. Your Grandma was a wise woman. 💕


    1. Nice to meet you, Beth. I began exploring and enjoying your interesting and beautiful blog yesterday. I am glad our paths crossed and I look forward to reading more.

      Thank you for your kind and supportive comment. I see we have a similar philosophy “every day is a gift.”

      Liked by 1 person

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