“All The Time In The World”

A Compelling, Life-changing Film

West Coast Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park

I have purchased only one documentary in my entire life.

“All The Time In The World” by filmmaker, Suzanne Crocker.

Winner of 22 Awards from around the world, including Most Popular Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2014.

Ocean life at Green Point Campground, West Coast Vancouver Island, May 2021

Why Did This Story Catch My Attention?

Friend and Blogging Buddy, Deb, (Widow Badass)
Deb, Richard, (Donna’s husband) & Donna – Friends and Blogging Buddies “Widow Badass” and “Retirement Reflections”

Suzanne Crocker and her husband take their three children, ages 10, 8 and 4 to live off the grid for nine months in the Yukon wilderness.

  • They live in a small cabin with no road access.
  • No technology, no phone, no electricity, no watches, no internet, no running water.
  • Stunning photography. 
  • Inspirational insights and lessons, especially from the children.

A heart-warming, moving, powerful, beautiful story.

Windy day, fog lifting
Tide rolling in – weather changes by the hour

Disconnecting to Reconnect

What would I do if I had “All the Time in the World?”

  • I would leave my watch in a drawer.
  • I would spend relaxed moments listening and sharing with my loved ones.
  • I would take slow, deep breaths and not call it meditation. 
  • I would sit quietly listening to the ocean, to the birds, to the leaves rustling.
  • I would go for a meandering stroll, the steps taking me where my heart leads me.
  • I would hang out with friends, laugh and tell stories about everything and about nothing.
Me, Chuck (my husband), Deb, Donna, Richard (Donna’s Husband) – waiting for the sun to set
  • I would sit and watch a sunset, thankful for another day, another breath, another heartbeat.
West Coast Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park

I have all the Time in the World.

That Time is called Now.

What would You do if you had “All The Time In The World?” 

Behind The Scenery

Serendipity!  Synchronicity!  What are the chances?!  

Me, Deb, Donna, Richard – waiting for the sun to set

This is an unusual year for reserving campsites. Many new restrictions and a new reservation system for Parks Canada.

My husband and I set up a reservation at Greenpoint Campsite near Tofino the second the online reservation system opened up.

The only campsites available were at the end of May for our annual West Coast, Pacific Rim National Park camping trip.

The day prior to leaving we found out wonderful friends and bloggers, Deb, and Donna with her husband, Richard, were staying at Greenpoint Campground.

The EXACT SAME WEEKEND we were camping there!

Deb was our immediate neighbour and Donna and Richard were camping three sites away from us.

What are the chances?!


My Favourite Song From “All The Time In The World”

“The Year We Lived” by Anne Louise Genest on the soundtrack “All The Time In The World”  by Alex Houghton and Anne Louise Genest

I share my YouTube video below, along with this song and more photos from “Our West Coast Camping Adventure.”


Thank you to Deb, Donna, Richard and Chuck ❤️

Our West Coast Camping Adventure

(You may recognize a couple of your favourite bloggers and the two amazing men in our lives xo)

Deb and Donna share beautiful photos and more stories about their Tofino camping adventure here:

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Donna: Retirement Reflections – Tofino Camping

Link for more information to the documentary: “All The Time In The World”

Re photos in this post: all photos were taken at Green Point Campground, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island the end of May, 2021 – beginning June, 2021

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