Empty nest……..again………


Gorgeous weekend…………. some exploring, lots of quiet time……..no firm plans (my favourite kind).  Then, why the melancholy?

I see the rubbermaid containers filled with clothing size 3 to 5, the extra yogurt and fig bars in the fridge, and the many dinosaur books and toys.  I should be happy for her.  I am happy for her.  Then, why the melancholy?

Last week, she asked me whether I would miss her when she starts school.  She was so excited to show me the new school clothes she had picked out.  She told me the name of a friend that would be in her class.  

I told her that I will still see her lots. She will have a lot of fun and many stories to share. I told her that people who love her will be happy for her. Then, why the melancholy?

I have gone through this before.  I have had practice.  I should be good at this.  No one told me it would be just as hard, 30 years later.  I should be having all of the fun, without all of the responsibility.

  Then, why the melancholy?


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