When Life Hands Me Lemons

“When you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself.

And that changes everything.”   marcandangel.com

Sometimes It Is Tough To Keep My Spirits Up

Count my blessings…I do.

Be grateful…I am.

Sick of the topic…we all are.

           What can I do?

      Control How I Respond To What I Cannot Control.

Share Good Karma

Our Family Has A Mantra.

  “Share Good Karma Back Into The Universe”

  • One car cuts you off.

          Let the other car in.

  • A cashier goes above and beyond.

          Write a note to his manager.

  • One friend is ill.

          A book arrives unexpectedly in the mail. Witty and entertaining illustrations help bring her a smile.

  • Another friend has received “stay at home orders” for the umpteenth time.

          Send her driftwood from the West Coast, all polished up and pretty. A happy memory.

Build A Gazebo

No visitors inside our house.

       Build A Gazebo where we can visit outside with our bubble, rain or shine.

Make Lemon Pavlova

I love lemons. 

           Make Lemon Pavlova, a guilty pleasure.

Reminiscent of meeting long-time friends for the first time.

Recipes from good friends living in Australia.

When Life Hands Me Lemons

I am challenged to change myself. 

My Response Is A Choice I Can Control

I choose to Share Good Karma back into the Universe.

I choose to Keep My Spirits up, Build a Gazebo and Make Lemon Pavlova.

I choose to be Grateful and Count My Blessings.

               And that changes everything.

Saxe Point, Victoria, B.C. 2021

How do you deal with setbacks in life? 

Do you have favourite recipes using lemons?

Behind The Scenery

“ENDOtheLINE: The Chronic Pain Comic” book by Alisha Winder  endomyline.com

Alisha’s Story “When You Love Someone More Than Life Itself”

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