Are We There Yet?

In Part One – “The Honeymoon Period” (Link here)

I introduced you to how I am walking the Conqueror Virtual Challenge, Ring Road, Iceland.  

My goal:  1332.5 km in 168 days

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Part Two – “Are We There Yet?”

  • Five postcards sent.
  • One tree planted.
  • 475km walked.
  • 35% completed.

One Pervasive Thought

              “I do not walk alone

Some Of The People Who Walk Alongside Me

Annika Perry shares a beautiful and fascinating post describing her virtual walk along Hadrian’s Wall, as part of the Conqueror Challenge along with her In Real Life walk near her home. “Duality Of Walks”

At the end of her post, Annika shares the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ Sir Captain Tom Moore recorded with Michael Ball.  (‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ link)

            Beautiful music, powerful words, a moving message, inspire every step I take.

Susan Scott shares inspirational words she recently heard as part of a podcast. Dr. James Hollis, a Jungian Analyst says ‘…he’s too busy living and working, learning and loving to worry too much about aging in spite of being in treatment for cancer.’  Susan Scott’s post “Aging”

            I save these words in my “Inspiration File.”

Pete Springer writes about topics that matter and make a difference. Pete shares the lyrics of a song “Somebody’s Baby” by Pat Benatar in his heartwarming and thought-provoking post “Lessons in Humanity.” Part of the song lyrics: Pat Benatar – Somebody’s Baby

He used to be somebody’s baby

Someone used to hold him close, and rock him gently

He used to be the light in someone’s eyes

He used to matter, he used to matter

Someone cared if he lived or died

Someone held him in their arms – when he cried

And when he hurt, someone kept the world away

Someone loved him, someone loved him.

            We were all somebody’s baby. We all matter. We all make a difference.

Godafoss, Iceland, 2017

Yvette Prior Priorhouse Blog always kind, generous and thoughtful, recently brought the phrase “share your essence” into my radar.

  • A stunning photo.
  • A beautiful painting.
  • A poignant song.
  • Creative words. Thoughtful words. Kind words.

            Thank you for “sharing your essence

Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland, 2017

My Walks In Solitude

Under the evening stars and many phases of the moon.

I hear the sounds of silence.

I also hear your footsteps alongside me.

You have bared your soul. Shared your essence. Forever changed me.

            I do not walk alone.

My Husband, Saxe Point, Victoria, B.C. February 2021
Saxe Point, Victoria, B.C. February, 2021

Are We There Yet?

Often, a gentle nudge out the door.

Sometimes, slogging it out. 

            Rain, Snow, Sleet, Howling Winds…typical West Coast weather.

Most of the time, the best part of my day!

I am not there yet.  857.5 kilometres left to go.

            Thank you for walking alongside me on this journey.

My Neighbourhood, February, 2021

Are you part of a fitness challenge? Do you get out on daily walks?

Have recent words made a difference in your life?

Behind The Scenery

I Fell In Love With “The Kiffness” This Past Year

Beautiful, poignant songs.

Parodies guaranteed to make you smile.

Susan Scott Garden of Eden Blog has a talented and creative family. Her son, David Scott, founded a well known South African Band, “The Kiffness.”

In the first video, David Scott and his wife, Jute Scott, sing a powerful, moving song ‘A South African Blessing’ Tribute to Healthcare Workers. The song includes Zulu and Afrikaans. (Derived from “Irish Blessing” by J.E. Moore) 

In the second video, David Scott and his Father sing “Father & Son (Cat Stevens Lockdown Parody)”