Where Are The Ruby Red Slippers?

A Situation Develops At Our House

A major crisis for 3 1/2 year old, Abby.  Therefore, it becomes a major problem for all of us.

It is 8:00 p.m.  Abby and Sadie are getting ready to go home with their Mother. 

Abby cannot find her slippers.  These are not just average slippers.  These are Abby’s favourite Ruby Red Slippers.

Abby’s Favourite Ruby Red Slippers

Everyone is tired.  Too tired to check throughout the house looking for slippers.  We turn the house upside down anyways.

We look inside toy ovens, doll beds, lego crates, toy boxes, under pillows and in closets.  We look everywhere!   No luck.  We cannot find Abby’s slippers anywhere.

Lots of crying and then good night hugs.  The girls go home with their Mother.

During The Night

I wake up during the night with my mind racing.  I am replaying yesterday and retracing my steps.

Yesterday morning, I had loaded up the stroller and taken three grandchildren, ages one, three and five to play in a park close to our house. 

The Usual Suspects


Children of the Corn


Not a drop of rain in sight.

Packing up to return home, I saw the red slippers in the bottom of the stroller.  

Or so I thought. 

Crammed in the bottom of the stroller were water bottles, snack containers, dolls, stuffys and a blanket.

It dawned on me, at first glance I could have mistaken the shiny red water bottle for the red slippers hidden in the chaos.

In The Morning

I tell my husband there is a possibility the slippers were lost somewhere at the park. The children had been playing all over the grassy field.

If by chance the shoes were discovered, they will likely have been discarded or they will have gone home with someone by now. 

My husband sees my disappointed face and he encourages us to at least take a look.  We arrive at the park and notice the newly mowed grass. Darn. The lawn mowers could have easily chewed up the slippers.

I see something red and shiny on a table at the edge of the playground.

The Ruby Red Slippers!

 The Ruby Red Slippers!

Yay!  Tears of joy and a lump in my throat!

These little red slippers may be a minor thing in the scheme of life.

They also represent a major part of what is good in my life.  

Our 3 year old:  The smile and squeal of delight when I FaceTime with her and show her the slippers.

My husband:  How he reads the disappointment on my face and helps me hunt for little ruby red slippers.  I easily fall in love with him again.

The people in my neighbourhood:   The shoes were picked up and placed in an obvious area. Many children play in that park all day long. They had left the shoes visible for us to find.

Me:  Amidst the chaos I did remember to return home from the park with three grandchildren.

A successful day!

                              Have you ever lost something important in your life?

Postscript:  You may be wondering whether Abby left the park with shoes on.  Yes, Abby had shoes on.  That day it was her Pink Bear wearing the Ruby Red Slippers. 


Grateful for all the Good in my Life!

74 thoughts on “Where Are The Ruby Red Slippers?

  1. Hi Erica – I love the happy ending for the ruby red slippers and your grands’ expressions in the photos (running carefree, playing with intensity, and big sister’s hug = good models for adults). You’ve described what’s good in your life beautifully. Thanks for sharing this heart-warming story.

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  2. Each step was amazing. That someone took the time and effort to pick them up and put them on the table (lawnmowers?). That no one took them (they are shiny and any little girl would love them). That no animal made off with them overnight! It was meant to be. BTW I have a red ruby slipper brooch. I would wear it when I had to speak to all employees and often started by saying “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Some of us never grow up!

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    1. Thank you for comment, Kate, and “getting it.” I had an immediate lump in my throat and tears in my eyes over what seemed like a small, silly thing. I wondered about the lawn mowers, too. And we do have raccoons and squirrels (and people) in the neighbourhood. Very funny on your red ruby slipper brooch! I think some of us do not need to grow up. It makes the world a better place. Thank you for sharing, Kate:)

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  3. Hi Erica – beautifully told … and I’m so happy it had a very happy and necessary ending. I had my god-daughter to stay and she lost her brown hedgehog – the squeals of agony we had until she found it … it went on and on – I have one determined goddaughter … now somewhat older and finishing her Masters at Uni – but I remember the tantrums of lost hedgie! Gosh you were lucky -thoughtful everyone around your neighbourhood – cheers Hilary

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    1. Thank you, Hilary, for reading and your kind comment. Funny story about your goddaughter and only because you did find her hedgehog. I am wondering whether it was a “stuffy” or a real hedgehog? It makes a difference on the urgency of finding this hedgehog:)

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      1. It was a stuffy … but there was no doing anything until we found hedgie!! We wouldn’t have found a real one in that rather large garden! thanks for enjoying her tantrum .. she’s a peaceful accepting child (aged 27 about to be!) now … cheers Hilary

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  4. This is such a heart warming and charming story Erica thank you for sharing it – and the lovely photos! It brought a lump to my throat too 😀. It really is those ‘small’ things that bring meaning into our lives!

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    1. Thank you for reading and your kind comment, Susan. I was a little embarrassed when I became emotional seeing the slippers on the table. It is like you say, the meaning behind the ‘small’ things in our life:)

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    1. This situation must have happened after the last time I saw you, or you would have heard all about it:) I know you can relate, Eduarda, with some of the children’s drama in your life xo


  5. Love this Erica! Yes, we’ve experienced a few stressful lost specials only to be reconnected with the items someway or another! Love a happy ending!! xx B

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Brooke💕It is difficult to believe your “little ones” are past the toddler age. They likely still lose “important” items. Glad this story had a happy ending:)


  6. ‘Though there was humour and joy, the poignant telling of this family-encompassing tale of woe really tugged on my heartstrings. I’m a little in love with your photo captions. Perhaps, next time she’s wearing them, you’ll post a shot of wee Abby wearing her Ruby Reds, please! My two favourite lines: I easily fall in love with him again; and Amidst the chaos I did remember to return home from the park with three grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us.

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    1. I wasn’t sure whether anyone would “get it” when it came to the captions, Pamela. Especially the “children of the corn.” It is a constant joke in our family because of the light coloured hair. I am not sure whether you have children in your life. It can get a little chaotic. Yet, a privilege. Thank you for your kind and supportive comment, Pamela:)

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  7. Tears, the common thread in this story. Tears of loss, regret, sadness, joy, happiness, gratitude and love. Such a versatile expression of emotions. When you are married to a “faucet” the challenge is to determine “which” is being expressed (pun intended).

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  8. Very touching! I get it! Thanks for sharing this great family story that has many meaningful levels to it. As a grandmother of 8, I could see myself in this situation.

    I actually lost my very favorite yoga jacket the first night on my recent cruise. I was layering it with the only other lightweight coat I brought. It was an integral piece to my wardrobe and I felt bad about losing it, but as an adult I knew I could move on.

    I checked with the front desk right away and they said return in a day or two as staff was stretched really thin getting the boat and 3000+ people off to sea.

    I returned again and someone had turned it in. You’ll see me proudly wearing it in one of the photos on my last blog, ha ha. Good jackets that are long enough and comfortable enough are not easy to come by!

    Anyway this was a great post and THERE IS GOOD AND GOOD PEOPLE in this world!

    Susan Grace

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    1. I had to check back on your last post, Susan. Adorable pink jacket, if that is the one? Or is it that sharp looking black one? Wow! Really nice for someone to return it. It is these little things that really make my day. Thank you for sharing your experience. And thanks for ‘getting it’ and some of the levels to the story. I enjoy our continued sharing in this positive corner of the internet.xo

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      1. It’s the lightweight zip up black jacket. So comfortable and covers my rear end 😂

        Yes, I love your blog and this positive corner of the Internet where we try to bring light, positivity, warmth and honesty into the world one shining (human) candle at a time. 😁

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        1. You look great in all of the photos and in all of the jackets, Susan. I understand the concept of a favourite one. LOVE your description of this positive corner AND “candle.” I know in my heart it causes a ripple effect. Thank you xo

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    1. I read your comment earlier today, Deb, and then I wasn’t close to my computer for awhile. This past hour I started skimming through some of the news sites and your comment became extra significant. Lots of not good news ‘out there.’ This is possibly why I had a lump in my throat experiencing something good. Yes, nice people in this world:)

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  9. OMG I remember how important ruby slippers were. Great job for everyone in locating the precious pair. My nieces and daughters had ruby reds all at different times in those early kid years. They were very important accessories.

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    1. Hi Antoinette, It was a team effort over a 24 hour period. Some of the team members had not met each other before and may never meet. A happy ending:) Thank you for reading and sharing your comment:)


  10. Well, heck, who doesn’t love a happy ending?! So glad you found them; kudos to your husband for motivating you both to go look for them. That is obviously one relieved child now (and her grandmother too!). – Marty

    ps: loved the “Children of the corn” reference 🙂

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    1. Hi Marty, It did turn out as a happy ending on many levels. In retrospect I was surprised to actually find the slippers and then embarrassed to get weepy about it lol. I appreciate you getting some of the additional references.😊

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  11. Oh what cute grandbabies you have! I understand completely. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for mine. I love those two precious beings with everything in me.

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  12. What a sweet story, Erica, and as the grandmother of six granddaughters, I can relate. Certain items hold much more importance than the material value of the item. I love how you pointed out the good things in your life represented in this story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  13. Oh yay!! I’m so happy that there was a happy ending! My daughter had ruby red ballerina shoes when she was about that age. And she loved the Wizard of Oz so much that she had to be Dorothy for Halloween along with Toto in his little basket. There are just so many things to love about this story Erica. And you listed them all! We did lose a blankie once (actually twice). Once my daughter became attached to her blankie, I bought a backup. My mother accidentally left it in the cart at Target after putting my daughter into the car. She realized it right away and went back and it was gone and nobody turned it in. It was worn so I have no clue why somebody would have wanted it. She was young enough that she accepted the new one. The next time it was left at a hotel and she was 5. It had a ripped corner that she rubbed when she sucked her thumb so it wouldn’t have been replaceable. Thank goodness that housekeeping realized this would be precious and they put it in lost and found!

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    1. Hi Amy, Your daughter must have been adorable as Dorothy and thrilled to carry Toto in his basket🙂So nice about housekeeping putting the blanket in a safe spot. It may have been a parent or grandparent who understood the importance of a child’s blanket. Thank you for reading, your kind comment and sharing your story:)

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  14. this is such a joy to read about the ruby reds being there still.
    and side note – when i find stuff I tend to leave it alone – or maybe set it up like they did here
    for example – saw headphones on a the sidewalk – and knew someone might come back

    and I also can relate to the falling in love with the hubs with the little support things – so nice to be with someone who is like that – it really can be the little things that add up again and again
    and love your grandbabies

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    1. Thank you Yvette, for your thoughtful comment and “getting it.” You are right on the headphones. The owner was likely not too far away, retraced their steps and appreciated finding the headphones. It is the little things that add up and truly make our day better:)

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    1. Thank you for reading and your kind comment, Sheryl. It is interesting how often the smallest things can make a difference in our day. I just subscribed to your fun and interesting site. I look forward to reading more:)


  15. First, that last picture with your Three Angel’s, is incredible I love it.
    Second,what a truly wonderful story, loved it on many levels.
    Third, my father once had the chance to buy the actual ruby slippers, but passed. We always laugh about that every chance we can…

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  16. What a sweet post, Erica. The little girls are adorable, and so glad you found the ruby red slippers. The title made me think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
    And love the gratitudes…and the fact that someone carefully placed the slippers where you were sure to find them when you returned to search for them. Restores some faith in humanity when you experience things like that.

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    1. Thank you for reading, Nancy, and your kind, supportive comment. You said it well, “restores some faith in humanity.” It is a simple thing although, often it is the little things that have a large impact in our lives:)

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  17. Aw, my youngest had a pair of red slippers – she adored them like your granddaughter does too. Your post was so fun to read. A real-life fairy tale – I’m happy the shoes were found safe and sound! 🙂

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    1. Nice to meet you, Bhagyashree (I think this is your name?) You are totally right. I Face timed my granddaughter and showed her the shoes. She was delighted! Thank you for reading and your kind comment. I plan to stop by and check out your blog site:) Erica

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