Do You Believe A Person’s Energy Can Be Attached To An Object?

A friend shows me her Grandmother’s ring on her finger.  She is emotional and very moved telling me how much this ring means to her, how much her Grandmother meant to her.

Another friend shows me the ceramic bowls she created in her first few pottery classes.  She describes preparing and centering the clay.  She explains how this challenging process requires stillness, concentration, calm perseverance and becoming one with the clay.

Our three year old granddaughter brings me artwork she has created along with an elaborate description of the shapes and colours.  Her unfiltered pride is evident in her smile when I display her painting on the refrigerator.

             Are objects simply inanimate materials? 

Is an heirloom handed down from past generations only symbolic of a special relationship? 

Does artwork merely showcase the craftsman’s talent and skills?  

Or is there an essence, an energy present that animates these physical materials?




Maori Art

I had not really thought about these concepts until I began to learn more about the Maori culture.

We were surrounded by many art forms visiting New Zealand this year.  The Maori believe art is an expression of the life force, the energy within you.

They believe that a physical object, a Mauri, contains a vitality, an essence.

Maori art conveys spiritual information, ancestry and culturally important topics.

           The Maori believe that the gods create and communicate through the master craftsmen.




We had the opportunity to visit Te Puia in Rotorua this year. Te Puia is home to the “New Zealand Maori Arts  and Crafts Institute.”  



Today artists learn through classes and much practise.  The styles vary from region to region.

Traditional Maori art was created using the materials available at the time, such as wood, bone, pounamu (jade or greenstone), paua (abalone) shell, flax, and feathers.  Many artists continue to use these natural, organic materials today.



What do I think?  Do I believe a person’s energy can be attached to an object?

Entire fields of science and pseudoscience are dedicated to the concept of objects and energy.  I went down the “crystals” rabbit hole when reading about this subject.  Possibly a future story.

I had not given this topic much thought until we were exploring New Zealand and learning about the Maori culture.  I respect the Wisdom of the Ages. I try to keep my mind open to new ideas and possibilities.

I find I appreciate art more when I learn about the history and cultural significance of an item.

The Maori traditions have helped me recognize the spiritual connections we have with our environment and the emotional connections we have with our ancestors. 

The effort and meticulous care taken during the creative process is an expression of our inner selves, our essence.

Are materials infused with love and energy during the creative process?

                Is this life force passed on to the artifact?   

I do believe it is.  When I learn about the traditions, the history and the spiritual significance

                The artwork takes on a life of its own.


What do you believe?



Weblinks:  Mauri      New Zealand Art     Maori Arts and Crafts

Maori Tradition    Maori Culture





66 thoughts on “Do You Believe A Person’s Energy Can Be Attached To An Object?

  1. Thought-provoking post, Erica. Like you, I deeply respect cultures and traditions, and try to keep my mind open to new ideas and possibilities. What I know for sure is that your Granddaughter’s painting, so proudly displayed, is absolutely priceless!

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    1. New Zealand opened my eyes to new traditions and the spiritual significance to their artwork. Grateful for the opportunity to visit there. I know you have experienced life changing adventures when you travel. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Donna. It is fun looking at life through grandchildren’s eyes:)


  2. I don’t know if an item can be imbued with a life force. But I do believe that if you associate a strength or quality to an item or symbol, holding or wearing it allows you to access more easily that same strength or quality in yourself.

    Great post Erica, and I loved learning about Maori art!


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    1. I believe that these spiritually infused objects is a story. There is a story behind the craft, work, heirloom that gives it energy and meaning. The heart comes from the story. Great post!

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      1. I like how you brought the word “heart” into the story, Antoinette. When something does come from the heart, I can feel it. Whether it is one of our stories, a craft or an heirloom. Thank you for your thoughtful comment:)


    2. Very well said, Deb! I know a friend who brings along a special item on a marathon to help carry her through the rough patches. Possibly a talisman or even more personal and meaningful. Maori art was everywhere in NZ. The fun part of travelling is learning new things. Thank you for your supportive comment:)

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  3. Maori art is so beautiful, rhythmic and flowing, colourful and depthful and full of symbolism. I treasure the calendars sent by a friend over the years.

    Your grand daughter’s painting is verrrry artistic Erica!

    I guess energy can be invested in an object. Does meaning have energy – I reckon so – thank you-

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    1. When I read your initial sentence, Susan, I suspected you had first hand knowledge about Maori art. Calendars are a wonderful idea and a great way to display the artwork. I was not aware of the symbolism in the art until we travelled to NZ. Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my granddaughter. I love watching her unfiltered joy:)


    1. A few things happened within a week that made me think about energy and objects. I find it difficult to put into words, like you say “a powerful energy”. A grandmother’s journals would be fascinating. Possibly a glimpse into her life and into her soul. Thank you for your lovely comment about my granddaughter. She definitely had quite the story about her painting:)


  4. I don’t know, I do know though that I can feel a special warmth when I look at an item that belonged to my grandmother or artwork that my grandbaby made especially for me ♥

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  5. What a great post and thanks for posing such a provocative question. I once knew a woman, a self labeled psychic who said she saw movement and spirit emanating from art works. I’ve personally never experienced that, but I do think that the creative process comes from a deep place within our being (I personally label it the Divine spark) and how can the creative work not contain that? I think the Maori are correct. Now, some of us may tune in more easily to that essence vs others; but since art can evince such powerful feelings, I would have to side with the Maori. I love the idea that art is an expression of our innermost spiritual selves.

    And if I were to read your grandchild’s artwork, I detect a powerful, happy and free soul. I can’t believe she’s only 3. I see rivers of light and life in her special creation. Just this past week, I sat down 3 grandchildren and had them all do artwork. I have various motivations and I admit one of them is to keep them busy! However, I always love to see their freewheeling expression and how they apply color. We work on drawing first and then painting. I’m not an artist, but I don’t care – it’s all about creating and infusing something special and unique with our essence 🙂 Someone out there is going to get it. :-))

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    1. Hi Susan, I found this story challenging and difficult to put into words. It isn’t really a black and white subject. Even from the responses, I can see how everyone has a unique interpretation on art, heirlooms and energy. You make a very good point on the creative process and the Divine spark.

      Funny about art and the grandchildren. Allowing our 3 year old to paint was a big deal, a reward, since it gets a bit messy. She was thrilled and then had a long story about her painting. Her artwork did get the honour of going onto the fridge. The 3 year old is already in tune with her essence. I learn a lot from all of my grandchildren (1yr 3yr 5yr). Thank you for sharing your thoughtful perspective, Susan:)😊

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  6. I’m a big fat yes on this. So much we can learn from Maori culture. I love how the art of their body is, in essence, a family tree connecting that person to their ancestors. Then there’s the Marae itself where every beam relates to a body part connecting the building to the heart and soul of the community. Some objects are just objects, but I do believe there is spirit in others and in the art. Great topic.

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    1. Wow, Jo, great information. You have some background knowledge on the Maori culture and traditions. I just now looked up the term Marae. Initially I did not know what I thought about this topic. I agree with you, where I can feel there is something, some energy in certain objects. Yet, other objects are truly inanimate for me. Thank you for your comment:)

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  7. Both the post and the comments have been very thought provoking. I honestly have no idea what my opinion is on this. I guess my mind is open to any possibility but mostly I think I would have to agree with Deb’s comment.

    We are all attracted to different objects for different reasons. They may evoke a feeling or quality but we don’t all have the same reaction to the same object. I’m guessing it has more to do with what emotion or energy we attach to it rather than what the artist themselves attached to it.

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    1. Hi Joanne, I found this was a challenging subject for me, too. A few things happened within a week which led me to think about energy, emotions and objects. I am learning a lot from the comments and the different perspectives. Thank you for your thoughts:)

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  8. I believe attaching our spirit or energy to a beloved or created inanimate object resides in our DNA. Ancient man created amazing artwork and sculptures that last to this day and one can just feel the energy in the object. Since our souls are everlasting, I believe it can limitlessly inhabit anything we pour our passion into. Your proud display of your grandaughter’s painting is proof to me! I have 1000s of photos and perhaps a smidge of my energy resides in some, no wonder I feel tired, LOL!

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    1. I did not give this topic much thought until a few events happened in my week. Then I began to read more about the Maori traditions. I do recall visiting Europe many years ago and I could feel the energy of souls from 1000’s of years ago in the churches and buildings. Like you say, souls are everlasting. Your photos are always beautiful Terri, and make me breathe more deeply. Thank you for your thoughtful comment:)

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  9. Interesting post. I – ever the pragmatist – don’t think the objects themselves are imbued with energy (or, a life force), but I think our feelings about the objects can have a profound impact on us. Your granddaughter’s painting reflects the energy and exuberance she felt when she created it and you see that (and feel the great love you have for her)when you look at it. How great is that?

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    1. Hi Janis, I did find gathering my thoughts on this topic, challenging. You are right, we associate our feelings and memories of the people with the object. An heirloom will hold greater significance for us if we knew the loved one. Otherwise, it is an inanimate object. Thank you for your thoughts:)


  10. Hi Erica,
    I’m not sure what I think. I wear my mother’s engagement ring every day and feel closer to her because of it. When I look at the stained glass cardinal that was hers and hangs in my home I can see and almost hear her.
    The beliefs of other cultures certainly do support this idea…and the soul and energy put into each item certainly has to go somewhere…

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    1. Hi Nancy, I remember reading about the cardinals and your Mom. I wasn’t sure how I felt on this topic until I started to read more about the Maori culture. I agree that we have emotions and feelings tied to certain objects. It is interesting for me to read the comments and the various perspectives. I agree with you that the soul and energy has to go somewhere such as the closeness and love between you and your Mom.❤️Thank you for your thoughtful comment:)

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  11. This is such an interesting notion, Erica. I do believe that some items are filled with the energy of those who created them or those who owned them before. Other times I believe we are the ones placing the energy into the item by giving it a certain meaning.

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  12. First, your title grabbed my attention immediately. And my immediate answer was “Why yes, of course.” But then I wondered why I would think that. I scrolled down and read more of your post, and more. Objects like rings and paintings and well-loved plates and bowls and even houses contain the energy of the one who held/loved/attended to that item. It just makes sense to me. And I remember when we moved from our house of 17 years and it vibrated with goodbye. I talked to the walls, and touched them, and said my thank yous and my goodbyes. I think (hope) part of my loving energy is still there.

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    1. Hi Pam, You remind me of the house(home) we left behind where my girls said their first words, walked their first steps. I was definitely a little teary-eyed when I stepped out the front door for the last time. We did not leave that house empty. It was filled with precious memories, “loving energy.” This weekend we are at a Celebration of Life, where a piece of artwork was created for a close family member. You could almost feel the energy from the painting before the actual picture was revealed. Thank you for your thoughtful comment:)

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  13. Interesting post and questions, Erica. I think we associate our feelings and memories of the people with the object. Thank you for sharing your granddaughter’s art work. I bet it brings you a smile every time you look at it.

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    1. Hi Carly, Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I was not sure how I felt until I started reading and writing about this topic. I think it depends on the object, art and the story behind it. I went over to your blog site and great content. I subscribed to your blog. Nice to meet you:) Erica

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  14. Art is the manifestation of energy, thought and creativity. A piece of the artist’s soul remains in their art and it is up to the beholder to release its beauty. It was so easy to get lost in the maori art institute watching their traditions in the making.

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  15. Very intriguing. Having a daughter who is an artist, I see how much time and energy is devoted to creating an object she’s proud to share. That is human energy. I do believe that our personal connection to the object (whether it is that we made it, or it somehow reminds us of something/someone, or it draws out some kind of feeling in us) is what makes the object appear animate to us. I don’t have any proof, just thoughts. Thanks for sharing this post!

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    1. Hi Shelley, I agree how our personal connection to the object animates the object in some way. I also wondered whether it makes a difference if the material is organic. Amazing to have a daughter as an artist. She is creative, just like her Mom. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comments:)

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  16. Oh this is a great question. I believe that my energy is definitely attracted to certain objects and that those objects are good for me. I trust my instincts. The reverse applies as well which is why I find it’s important to cull things from my life. I only want the good stuff that vibrates with positive energy around me.

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    1. Goosebumps on your response, Ally. I need to work on the stuff that is around me. I have difficulty letting go. I will take your phrase with me “good stuff that vibrates with positive energy.” Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful comment:)

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  17. Hi Erica. I would like to go to New Zealand and see Maori art. That said, I am not a believer. I do not believe that energy resides within objects. In fact, what do we even mean by the word “energy?”

    I do agree that people often attach meanings, memories, and emotions to inanimate objects. The objects can become symbols that stand for someone’s specific feelings, ideas, or memories.

    As an artist myself, I invest my effort in creating things, and others may perceive something about me or an idea or emotion I was trying to convey when they view one of my paintings. Sometimes the ideas or emotions I convey in my works spring more from my unconscious mind than my conscious mind. But that doesn’t mean my energy is somehow in the object. Just call me a skeptic!

    I look for to meeting you in a couple of days.


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    1. Hi Jude, I found it very challenging to write about this topic. Like you say, what do we even mean by “energy.” It is not a black and white subject. I learned a great deal reading the diverse comments. I also received a few PM sharing stories re art, objects, heirlooms. A few things happened to me within one week that started this story percolating. Then I began sifting through some of our photos which led to reading more about the Maori culture. I love hearing your viewpoint since I know you are an artist. I look forward to meeting you in a couple of days😊


  18. Oh yes. Energy flows from the person to the object. Since we are energy and any object is energy it is not conceptually difficult to appreciate a transfer from craftsmen to object. Everything is energy. I believe we have all experienced this in fact, as it is often recognised that food, prepared with love and attention, simply tastes better than food which is prepared mechanically or in haste. We certainly have experienced that.

    As we have both created art pieces over the years, one of us a painter and one a sculptor, we can say from experience that when you create something it is a part of you. It is a piece of your soul that lives on in your creation. A piece of art or a handmade artisanal object, is more than a symbol. It is a microcosm of expression. In fact, psychics will often want to touch and feel an object of a departed one to connect with the energy of the spirit which lives on.

    We have not been to New Zealand it was interesting to read about the Maori culture as we know so little about it. We both tend to do deep dives into cultures when we are there and present and this one is yet to cross our paths.

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” Albert Einstein


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    1. Hi Ben and Peta,

      Ben, Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. You are the first person that has brought up how preparing food with love and attention makes a big difference in the taste of the food. I had not thought about this. Mom’s apple pie would be one example, too. I LOVE your sentence how “it is a piece of your soul that lives on in your creation.” I think many of us can agree that a part of our soul is in our writing and as you pointed out, in all of our creations. You also gave me goosebumps, Ben, about how psychics will want to touch and feel an object.

      I wasn’t sure how I felt on this topic and I was surprised by many of the diverse comments. I learned almost as much from the responses as I did from reading about the Maori culture.

      I agree with you and Albert Einstein, “Everything is energy.” Thank you for reading and your insights!


  19. Hi Erica! I originally missed reading this post because I was traveling. But today during our meetup I caught the title and HAD to come back and read it. And in answer to your question—YES! I definitely believe that everything EVERYTHING has an energy to it. Some things more so, and some less….but every thing and every one has and is made of energy. Have you ever read anything about Feng Shui? Not only does it teach that everything carries an energy, it also suggests that we can either use that energy and flow with it, or we can hinder ourselves and our surroundings by surrounding ourselves with negative energy. I personally can feel when there is positive energy around me . (in people, places or things) and also when there is negative energy—I think most of us can if we take the time to pay attention. Anyway, I’m not surprised to hear about the Maori culture’s feelings on energy because so many more native people’s tend to be connected to it. Anyway, thanks for a thought provoking post. And I LOVED reading all the comments! ~Kathy

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    1. Hi Kathy, You bring up a great point. Feng Shui is very relevant to the discussion about energy and objects. When I briefly read about Feng Shui, examples talk about how clutter sucks up energy in a room. Interesting how you say we can flow with it or we can hinder ourselves. I have had very thought-provoking, diverse comments on this topic. I agree with you, how people, places, things contain an energy. You also make a good point on whether we take the time to pay attention to it. Thank you for your thoughtful, insightful comment:)


  20. My own experience has been to feel an unmistakable energy from hand-sewn quilts. A quilter myself, I know that these projects are always imbued with love and caring, not just for the creativity but for the intended recipient. When snuggling in a quilt, especially one created just for you, the aura of the maker is always present – I feel my Nana’s love and comfort oh-so-often in my original quilt (which has been repaired too many times to count). This was a lovely and thought-provoking post, thank you.

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    1. Hi Pamela, I cannot imagine the amount of time and energy it takes to make a quilt. I think sometimes the pieces in a quilt come from special people and memories. I like your word “aura.” Thank you for reading and your insightful comment:)


  21. Hi – this post has me curious now – about whether or not objects do keep that energy
    – and I liked learning about the Maori beliefs –
    and this is a side note – but a few times I could feel a certain energy from a painting and it was not a good feeling.
    Also, sometimes by the actual art itself I can get a feel for a person – depends tho

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    1. Hi Yvette, I have been learning a great deal from the diverse responses to this post. You bring up something new, the negative energy associated with (or part of?) an object. Many factors, and like you say, it can “depend.” I have received some private emails where the story has given me goosebumps. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful response:)

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  22. Erika, this is a fabulous post and I’m not surprised it is your top one! 😀 I loved learning about the Maori relationship with their objects, their art and I fully believe certain items take on the essence of a person, the occasion etc. That yes, a person’s energy can be transferred onto an inanimate object. Why else do we revere some items, many often inconsequential to others, but precious and special beyond words? Ones that lift our spirits, give help us to remember others with fondness, feel their presence and maybe imagine conversations with them. Having spent the summer helping a friend move house and clear out a lot, I was particularly struck how certain things meant so much to her, but others were given away to charity with ease.

    Erika, I loved the photos accompanying this post as well, the concentration of the craftspeople is intense, their work mesmerising!

    A joy to read this today … slightly late but it’s been enriching and I am now tempted to visit New Zealand. We are actually meeting up with a friend and her daughter next week – she moved to the country as a student, married and works within the craft of carpet design and creation!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Many thanks again for making my day with your comment and photo on Jill’s post – it means so much to me.

    hugs xx ❤️

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    1. Annika, I am never sure why some posts become top posts. It can vary throughout the week. You are right about objects and the essence of the person. I gave this more thought when I lost my wedding ring. You were very kind, Annika, to help your friend move house. A daunting job for most people.

      We were very fortunate to visit New Zealand last year. We met friendly people everywhere we went. Creativity and design is a large part of the culture. Interesting how your friend is in this field.

      A huge coincidence on your beautiful book arriving for my granddaughter’s birthday two days before Jill’s post. I was planning to tell you more in the coming days. I appreciate you sharing your essence in “Oskar’s Quest.” 💕

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