Do you happen to see 11’s 111’s 1111’s everywhere?


I had never noticed the numbers 11, 111, 1111.  Now I see them everywhere!

2 1/2 years ago an ICU nurse mentioned to me that this little girl will be special.  She was born on a date that holds special significance.  She will be watched over by angels. 

 It was already an emotionally charged day.  I  thanked this nurse for her kind sentiments and her care.  Over the next few busy weeks, I almost forgot about our conversation. 

Then, I slowly began to notice 11’s, 111’s, 1111’s.  I would see them on the stove and microwave clocks.  They would often appear on the car dashboard and on my cell phone.  Even the motel room we were given had the number 111 on it, the last room at the Inn. 

I mentioned this to friends and family and I now receive texts with screen captures and photos of the numbers 11, 111 and 1111.

There is a lot of information online describing the possible significance of these numbers. A number of sources cite that events linked to 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance.  Folklore? Synchronicity? Coincidence?

I actually have no idea whether these numbers randomly occur or whether they are a form of divine intervention.  Although, now when I see 11’s, 111’s and 1111’s, I  stop for a brief second, take a breath, and pay attention. 

 I do think all children are special.  I do think all children are watched over by angels.  Of course, this little girl is extra special to us, and she just happens to be born on January 11.